[background music] Sarah: Hey, guys. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. Today, we’re taking a look at sheets fromPillow Guy, both the Classic Cool and Crisp Set and the Luxe Soft and Smooth Set. Stay tuned because I’m going to show you whatthey’re both made of, how they feel, and which sleepers might be compatible with which one. I’ve got both Pillow Guy’s sheet sets on thebed right now. I did a little mix and matching so that wecan get the sense of both of them at the same time. Before I get into my first impressions, ifthroughout the course of this video any questions come up or you want a personal recommendationfrom me, please feel free to give me a shout in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to help. Now, I’m testing the Classic Cool and Crispas the fitted sheet and two pillow cases. Then I’ve got the Luxe Soft and Smooth, whichI’ll be honest, I think should be renamed to Silky and Smooth, because it’s so silky.It’s luxuriously silky, and it’s got a verylustrous sheen. Either way, I’m knowing that. If you’re someone who prefers that silky hand-feeland a lustrous sheen to your bed sheets, this one is probably going to be the right pickfor you. Meanwhile, the Crisp and Cool sheets set isdefinitely living up to its name. It’s got that freshly-ironed, button-downshirt kind of feel. Super crisp but also it’s feeling light andbreathable, which is giving me the good signs that it’s going to help me sleep cool.Now that we’ve taken a first look, let’s goahead and dive deeper into what each sheet set is made of. First, let’s talk about what the Cool andCrisp sheet set is made of. First of all, its 100-percent long staplecotton, which gives you great durability. The general rule of thumb when you are shoppingfor cotton bedding is the longer the fiber — also known as staple — the more soft anddurable the finished product will be.It features a 400-thread count and a percaleweave. When it comes to thread count, there is amisconception that you need a super high thread count of 800 or a thousand in order to enjoya nice soft set of sheets, but that’s just not the case. In fact, a 400-thread count is actually consideredto be luxuriously soft. I would definitely say these sheets are noexception. As far as what percale means, when you’reon the hunt for cotton bedding, you’ll notice that you’re frequently posed with two options– percale and sateen. These terms refer to the weave style usedto make the bedding. In this case, we’re dealing with the percaleweave, which gives you that crisp, cool, classic cotton feel that, like I said, often feelslike a freshly-ironed, button-down dress shirt. Compared to a sateen weave, percale does havea reputation for being more breathable, better for hot sleepers or hot weather. Again, I’m definitely feeling that to be thecase with this sheet set. When I was bellowing it over the mattress,I feel a lot of air flowing through the fabric. Like I said, I’m getting a good sense thatit’s going to help keep me cool.When it comes to the Luxe Soft and Smoothsheet set, which I’ve got here in white, it’s made from 100-percent TENCEL and featuresa sateen weave. With a sateen weave, you’re getting this silky,smooth hand-feel and a lustrous sheen. It’s important to remember that with sateen,usually you’re going to get that shiny, silky-looking feel. With percale, you’re going to get a matteappearance and more of a crisp feel. These are definitely some of the silkiestand shiniest sateen sheets I’ve ever tested. Again, if you’re into that lustrous look,these are probably going to be right up your alley. We know it’s silky and smooth, but what isTENCEL? TENCEL is actually the trademark name forlyocell, which is a sustainably sourced material made from dissolving wood pulp.In this case, the wood pulp of eucalyptustrees. Eco-friendly sleepers, this might be a particularlygood pick for you. Not only is this a sustainable sourced material,but the whole TENCEL production process is environmentally friendly. If you want to know more about that, I diveinto all kinds of detail in my full written review, which is linked below. Another thing that’s great about TENCEL islyocell fibers are famous for being super durable, naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial,moisture wicking. For all of these perks, TENCEL is often blendedwith cotton, so you’re boosting that durability and bringing those nice hypoallergenic propertiesto the table as well. Because these sheets are made from 100-percentTENCEL, you get to enjoy TENCEL in all of its glory.Now, we know what both of these sheet setsare made of, but what comes with each set? The Crisp and Cool set is a four-piece setthat comes with one top sheet, two pillow case that feature those envelop closures,and one fitted sheet capable of accommodating mattresses up to 16-inches deep, so nice deeppockets. Then the Soft and Smooth Luxe sheet set isa six-piece set that comes with everything that the Crisp and Cool set comes with, plustwo additional pillowcases. Let’s go ahead and recap the highlights andpotential pitfalls of each sheet set, so you know which one is best for you.There’s a lot that I’m liking about both ofthese sheet sets, but to be completely honest with you, I do prefer the TENCEL. Why? First of all, it’s got this gorgeous lustroussheen that I personally find to be irresistible, a luxuriously silky-smooth hand-feel. At the end of the day, bedding is really aboutyour preference. Not to mention, it’s made from 100-percentTENCEL, which, like I said, is a very eco-friendly material but also comes with all these wonderfulperks. It’s very absorbent. It’s hypoallergenic, antimicrobial. It’s working extra hard to keep those allergensat bay. Meanwhile, the percale sheet set is also nice. It’s very breathable. Between the two, it is going to be a betterpick for those of you who run hot. It’s also very crisp and offers that classiccrisp, cotton feel.Again, if you know that you’re more into amatte appearance with a crisp hand-feel, definitely go with the percale. Regardless of which set you choose, they’reboth very durable. You’ve got the long-staple cotton, which isbringing great durability to the game. Also, TENCEL lyocell fibers are known fortheir durability. Either set is built to last. Additionally, each set comes with pretty easywash care. All you got to do is throw it in a cool, gentlecycle with mild detergent, tumble dry on low heat, and that’s it. Like I said, it does make wash care prettyeasy for both sets. Another thing that I like about this brandis that both sheet sets come with a 30-day sleep-free guarantee, which basically meansyou have 30 full nights to get the sense of whether or not these sheets are the rightfit for you. If throughout the course of that 30 days youdecide that you’re not satisfied, you can just send them on back and you’ll be fullyrefunded.Of course, there are a few things to thinkabout before you make your purchase. First of all, price. While it is true that long-staple cotton andTENCEL do often tend to come at higher price points because of superior durability, thesesheets are actually more expensive compared to others that I’ve tested in their category. We got the percale set ranging for about $200to $250 and the TENCEL sheet set ranging from $300 to $350. Frankly, that’s just not going to be in everyone’sprice range. Of course, you do have that nice 30-day trialperiod, so test them out.You might just decide that they’re worth thedough. Something to think about the sateen sheetset is while TENCEL does bring these great moisture-wicking properties to the table,a sateen weave does tend to produce a thicker sheet that lies heavier on the body and isusually less breathable as compared to percale. I’m definitely finding that to be the casewith these sheets. The sateen sheet set, while it is very silkysmooth, is definitely going to be better for folks trying to keep warm or better for coolerweather as it does, like I said, lie heavier on the body and does not produce as much airflow. When it comes to the Crisp and Cool percalesheet set on the other hand, it does wrinkle very easily. This is not unique to this particular sheetset as a percale weave does have a reputation for just wrinkling easily.Luckily, it is machine wash and dryable. If I were you, I would pull them out of thedry cycle as soon as the cycle is finished. Stretch it out over your mattress. That should serve to keep the wrinkles atbay. However, if you can’t stand a single wrinkle,you can iron on a low heat. [background music] Sarah: That’s it from me, but for every lastdetail on both of these sheet sets, be sure to check out my full written review, whichis linked below. By the way, I have reviewed Pillow Guy pillows. If you want to know about those, just googleSleepopolis Pillow Guy pillows. It will be the first thing that pops up. I do hope you’ve found this review to be helpful. If you did, be sure to like and subscribeto our channel. Follow us on social media, because we’re alwaysuploading more content with one main thing in mind — to get you some better sleep.Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time..