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Make a No-Sew Kids’ Tent in Under 1 Hour

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Make a bookcase using a single sheet of plywood

It is only a single sheet of plywood you could make this bookcase determine within the description totally free plans and design and finishing choices i’ll begin breaking this down into a couple of tough the 36 inch cabinets are too significant to suit on my desk noticed so i’m slicing them to precise size utilising my circular noticed since i’ve a whole bunch of 9-inch pieces to cut i will use my table noticed and just cut all of the portions immediately in order that they may be the same size and i will reduce the entire two-and-a-half inch extensive strips even as and that’s the entire pieces reduce for the bookshelf the one factor I need to do now’s use this piece to make the pinhole drilling jig and what I first must do is find the middle point on a three/4 inch piece of plywood and that is pretty easy to do on plywood given that you can find the middle ply now i can just move this discontinue block over until it touches and clamp it down I’ve got this fence established about two inches from the drill bit so now i will be able to do away with this piece and i will be equipped to reduce 4 holes that are exactly in the same role on every side I’ve obtained some brass tubing that i’m chopping into three quarter inch long portions i’m simply filing the within a little bit to put off any burrs all correct now put this kind of in each and every of the holes now i can connect this cleat and i simply wish to make certain that it can be flush on both sides that you would be able to screw this piece on when you desired but i am simply going to use my brad nail and that’s all there may be to creating that jig and that i think it can be such a cool jig and i like it a lot that I made up our minds to make one this time utilizing the proper dimensions i’ll begin by using making the 4 rectangular boxes and just going to line this cleat up in opposition to the brink of every shelf and i’ll clamp it down i’m utilizing a 5/sixteen inch drill bit to drill halfway via the board’s the blue painters tape tells me when to discontinue it simply befell to me that i’m going to put an facet banding on the entire uncovered plywood edges and that’s obtained slightly bit of a thickness to it so on these end pieces I need to put that on before I drill the holes or else the holes will not line up with my jig so I’ve already accomplished this one however what i will be able to do is just flip it over and this would be the backside piece we mostly visible me use this iron-on aspect banding earlier than it really works rather good okay I received all of those brief edges area band and i will get back to work it making holes to line up the jig all i am doing is pulling it up in opposition to the brink of the board and then just feeling along the edge to where it’s flush then i can clamp it down and all of these rectangular pieces get two holes in each aspect as good as these brief portions do so they are going to be a lot less complicated the only thing I have to make certain of is the grain path so that it’s going up and the holes are on this facet and these end grain holes will go in deeper i’ll iron on the edge banding to the rest of the portions now I only need to do the front i am now not going to do the bottom that is not going to be visible and i am just going to attach in these pre-made dowel pins which you can get on the hardware store good one best thing about utilising those dowel pins is that it makes everything perfectly rectangular now I’ve got all these bins turned the wrong way up and i will start striking these dividers now that every one of those are dry i will make a mark on the midway factor four and a half inches and i can go on these center help dividers I simply line up that core ply of the plywood with the mark yeah i’m going to simply supply it a little little bit of clamping pressure I consider it would be so much simpler if I stain and conclude all of those packing containers before I collect them what I need to do now’s tape off all of the areas which might be going to get glued up just trimming this protecting tape right down to a little bit bit thinner than 3/four of an inch due to the fact that i am utilising pine plywood i am placing on some pre-stain conditioner that should support preserve the identical for blotting I made up our minds to try whatever i haven’t tried before on this project and it’s this stain and polyurethane in one and i’ll see the way it works good that product is some thing that i’ve been looking to check out out for a long time for the reason that the entire different products that that organization puts out I particularly do like the combination polyurethane and stain was a disaster it can be simply no longer going on I adopted the guidelines precisely I put a sealer over it earlier than I put it on there I sanded between the codes I put a 2nd coat on and what’s going down is it is just watching blotchy and streaky and the whole proposal of this was to save lots of time it can be now not saving me any time in any respect so i’m going to cut my losses and i’m just going to paint over the whole project sure finally it turned out all correct although I ordinarily should have stuck with spraying on some lacquer thanks for looking at this video be definite to talk over with my internet site at woodworking for mere mortals comm and seek advice from me over on facebook too and i will see you next week

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