My mention is Dax, and this is my wife, Margaux. I’m Margaux.( chuckles) We have one full day puppy, thenwe take care of dogs as well. We live in a small 500 square foot residence. Yep, our own little tiny house in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We’re really big into sustainability. It’s really awesome to have a space where I know I’m not employing a assortment of energy and it helps us focus on do more things than we like. Getting to go outdoor an adventure, and when we’re home, we’re cozy. With him having cultivation grade, and me having a sustainability degree, maybe we could start something where we’re doing vicinity plans, or backyard planneds. Being able to focus on that stuff instead of coming in here and thinking, It’s so disorganized, we have so much to do. I think in the overall video it’s gonna help us reach our goals.I would love to see concoctions that are made with sustainable substances. From the everyday aspects of what it’s made out of, to the amount of carbon that was used in order to get it there, it’s nice to have things that you can say, I encourage other people to be sustainable, I attend school for sustainability. and I try and stroll that step as well.( jam sesh) I’m proud of my gap! When you walk in the apartment, it’s just like Ahh! ( chuckles) There’s party, and it feels clean, open and luminous! Our dog cubicle over here on the right makes us everything we need in order to keep the dog stuff organized and out of the rest of the house.Projector screens are really expensive! Having this setup is perfect because we can have a movie night. It is the bee’s knees, it’s the cactus prickles.( chuckles) I personally adoration the storage for linensunder the sofa bed. The SVALNS right here endless, endless storage. There’s little boards for material you don’t want parties looking at. Yeah, and it’s also an skill bit all in itself. The bamboo is so light! And it’s super durable and fastgrowing wood. To have that in your residence, you can kind of speak to it.We truly love that that’s part of our room! Living your everyday life, there are sustainable options to it and they’re not that hard to find. Just the interesting thing, it makes a big difference !.