[background music] Sarah Riccio: good day, guys. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis and if you’rewatching this video it’s considering the fact that you want to grasp all about crimson’s newest pillow,the purple harmony. You may have come to the proper place due to the fact notonly am I going to reply all your questions about the crimson harmony, however i am going totell you how it compares to purple’s different pillows. Stay tuned. I’ve bought the red harmony in entrance of menow. Earlier than we get into my first impressions ofit, I wish to say throughout the path of this video, any questions come up or you wanta private recommendation from me, please don’t hesitate to provide me a shout within the commentssection under and i will be comfortable to help. The very first thing I inspiration when I unpackagedthis pillow is, it strikes a chord in my memory of a excellent steadiness between purple’s first two pillows. What I mean with the aid of that is, just like the OriginalPurple Pillow, it’s obtained this tremendous bouncy speedy response to strain.I can tell that it’s got their proprietaryHyper-Elastic Polymer in it. Like the 2nd pillow, the crimson Plush Pillow,it is a traditional form and it can be much lighter in weight as in comparison with the customary PurplePillow. I am sure you’re keen as i am to grasp what’sgoing on within this pillow. Let’s take a better look. Let’s begin with the quilt fabric. It is comprised of a combination of polyester, nylon,and spandex mesh. Polyester is a naturally moisture wickingmaterial, so these of you who are susceptible to night time sweats could get a bit of further perkthere. As you will discover, it can be got this great stretchgoing on that individually enhances the breathability, helps us sleep just a little cooler. Then instantly under the cover fabric isthe manufacturer’s proprietary red stuff referred to as Hyper-Elastic Polymer. If you are conversant in the fashioned PurplePillow, you’re already accustomed to Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It’s the super long lasting, tremendous bouncy proprietarymaterial from pink itself.Not like the fashioned crimson Pillow, the Hyper-ElasticPolymer right here simplest makes up the structure of this pillow, and helps it maintain its form. Throughout the core of the pillow is one solidpiece of Talalay latex. Talalay latex is legendary for its light-weight,its tremendous buoyant and help, and fairly bouncy speedy response to strain. Between the particularly bouncy Hyper-Elastic Polymerand the tremendous springy Talalay latex, you are watching at one very bouncy pillow. What’s that wish to actually sleep on? Let’s take a closer look at every sleepingposition. After wholly rolling round with the PurpleHarmony, i’m pleased to record that it can be definitely an all-function pillow. Meaning that whether I was on my again or myside or my belly, I used to be most likely competent to find my relief zone. That said, it can be essential to grasp that thePurple concord is available in two specific lofts, 6.5" tall and seven.5" tall. For my part, I did to find both alternative to besuitable for all positions. Nonetheless, i will say that I discovered a littlemore comfort once I was on my stomach with the shorter pillow, and just a little more comfortwhen I was once on my part with the taller pillow.Which is smart seeing that, on the end of theday, stomach sleepers want a shorter profile with a view to hold neutral spine alignment. Aspect sleepers need just a little bit of a tallerpillow as a way to rather relieve pressure on the shoulder and preserve backbone alignment. In relation to back sound asleep I determined bothto be tremendous at ease. If you’re taller or have broader shoulders,I advise attempting the taller pillow, the 7.5" profile. I consider it’s simply going to give you a littlebetter pressure alleviation as in comparison with the shorter one. Total, I ought to say I rather loved myexperience testing the crimson harmony. I’m most likely going to assert that it’s my favoriteof all of the pink pillows.It presents this high-quality steadiness between supersoft and light-weight, but also very supportive. It under no circumstances loses its shape which once more impressesme. That mentioned, let’s take a more in-depth look at thepros and cons to this pillow so which you could better come to a decision if it is the correct fit for you. There may be loads that i’m liking about the Purpleharmony and the very first thing is stability. If you just like the original crimson Pillow butfind its 10-pound building to be somewhat too dense and heavy, and then you definately like thePurple Plush Pillow but determined that it was once a little bit too mild and tender, I suppose you’llfind that the harmony strikes a best stability between the 2. Like I mentioned previous quite strikes this balancebetween gentle and supportive that I think can be necessary to sleepers of all styles. I also believe that sleepers watching to sleepcool but do not need to sleep on anything that is in reality cool to the contact would do good withthe harmony.You got the ventilated Talalay latex, thegrid-like constitution of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer, and the mesh quilt fabric that’s basicallyall coming collectively to advertise quite a few airflow through the pillow and help it dissipate yourbody heat. Ultimately, some thing that I normally appear for whenI’m pillow shopping is a high-quality beneficiant trial interval. You get 100 full night time’s to take a look at this pillowbefore figuring out whether or not or not it can be really the fine match for you. If within 100 days you decide it is now not theright match for you, simply send it again and you’ll be able to be completely refunded. Of course there are some things to considerabout the concord before you’re making your buy. To start with, it can be not for memory foam enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a reminiscence foam consider thatoffers that gradual sink and that deep moldable slow response to pressure, you are no longer goingto find that here. As a substitute, it can be received that rather buoyant, springingsupport, super light and quick response to strain that rather lets you leisure more ontop of the pillow, alternatively than deeply sinking into it.Different things to recall are wash care andprice. With regards to wash care, the duvet fabricis readily removable and machine wash and dryable. Nonetheless, the whole thing else is spot clean handiest. You can take a moist material and mild detergentand spot smooth this pillow as fundamental, however the duvet material is the only thing that’sactually computer washable. The other factor to recall is rate, andat about one hundred sixty bucks, this pillow shouldn’t be going to be in every body’s price range. Do not forget to keep in intellect you get a great longtrial interval of one hundred nights, and it’s also backed by means of a one-yr warranty. [background music] Sarah: that’s it from me, however for every lastdetail on the purple harmony, be certain to assess out my full written assessment which is linkedbelow. Don’t forget, I’ve reviewed pink’s different pillows,we reviewed pink’s mattresses. If you wish to understand more about crimson merchandise,just google "Sleepopolis pink," it should all come correct up.I do hope you observed this overview to be important. 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