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Percale vs. Sateen Sheets – What’s the Difference?

Katie Golde: Hey guys, it’s Katie from MattressClarity. Today, we’re talking about the differencebetween percale and sateen sheets. Now, if you’ve been sheet shopping in thelast century, you probably have seen these labels, and you may not know what they mean. They refer to different types of weaves. It’s important to know what they are becausethey affect the overall feel and experience you’re going to have with the sheets. I’m going to talk about the similarities,the differences, and who I think they’re a good fit for. We’re also going to get an up-close look atboth different types of sheets so you can get the best idea on what’s going to be theright one for you. Let’s dive into these sheets.[music] Katie: I do have one quick question for you. I want to know, after you watch this video,if you’re more “Team Percale” or “Team Sateen.” Which one do you think is going to be thebest fit for you? Don’t hesitate to comment below. Let me know. Write “Percale” if you like percale sheets,”Sateen” if you like sateen. I’m checking back, and I want to know whichone you like. Personally, I’m Team Percale, but I thinkthat they’re pretty much great across the board. Of course, if any questions come up, leavethem there, too. I’m always checking back. I want to talk to you about these sheets. First of all, both percale and sateen sheetsare woven with different fabrics from all different manufacturers. You’re going to see them in cotton, bamboo,and linen.What it means is how they’re woven, but theother thing that they have in common is that they’re both used with long-staple fibers. For example, the ones I have in my lap righthere are long-staple cotton. That means is that they’re more durable andthey’re softer compared to short-staple cotton, which is not going to hold up as much. If you see these weaves in any fabric justknow that they’re going to be synonymous with a higher quality sheet. You can’t go wrong with either. Let’s dive into each one, and I can give youan idea of which one’s going to be the best fit for you. Now, it’s time to learn a little bit aboutmore about the percale sheet. They are very popular. You’ll see them all over the place.In fact, I’m sitting on a set of cotton percalesheets, as well as holding them up right now to give you an idea of the fact that theyare everywhere. I want to talk to you about how they’re madefirst and why that results in the kind of fabric that it does. Percale, the weave itself is very simple. It’s a one-under/one-over weave. Think about summer camp potholder loom making,very simple basic construction. That results in a crisp, lightweight feel. These are cotton sheets, so bear that in mind.They can come in different fabrics. There’s something called a “Hand-feel” inthe sheet world. That means how does it feel on your hand? I’m going to show you. It definitely has that, again, crisp is thebest way to describe it. The cotton rustling is happening. It does drape nicely over my hand, it is reallysoft. It does hold its own. It’s got its own structure. For a better example, think of a nice hotelsheet or a nicely crisp laundered menswear shirt or womenswear shirt. Again, I hope you’re getting that vibe thatI’m trying [laughs] to share with you. That’s the feeling of percale. It is lightweight. It’s a great fit if you’re in a warm climate,you’re a hot sleeper, you have the night sweats, or something like that. Go with percale. It’s going to be nicer for you but keep inmind that it does tend to wrinkle a little bit easier than other weaves.What you’re going have to do, if you eitherhave an iron on you or take it right out of the dryer when it’s a little bit warm andput it straight on your bed. What’s the deal with sateen and why is itas popular as percale? A lot of that has to do with the complexityof the weave. A sateen, you’re going to go one-under/two-over,one-under/three-over, even one-under/four-over. Although that might seem very simple in thedifference, it creates a very different weave, different fabric overall. As a result, a very different sheet set. These sheets are a little bit thicker. They have a buttery feel to them. I’m going to hold up and do the hand feelfor you so that you get this idea here. You can see how it’s draping a little bitcloser to my hand. It’s extremely soft, a little bit thicker. Hopefully, you can see here, there’s a littlebit of luminosity, a little bit of a sheen.I’d go so far as to say a “Silkier” feel overall. If you think about it, putting that on yourbed with your beautiful pillows, your comforter, it’s all going to create such a rich, luxuriousfeel. I think that’s so appealing to people. Now, again, I mention that it is a littlebit of a thicker fabric overall, so that’s going to be great for those colder months. Maybe you like to sleep cold and so you wantthat warm sheet set.The sateen is going to be the right fit foryou. It is durable. Make sure you follow the care instructionsto keep it as long as possible. It may not be as durable as percale, but thenice thing here is that it doesn’t wrinkle as easily. By now, you’ve had a chance to learn a lotabout both types of weaves and hopefully have a clearer idea of which is going to be theright fit for you. I want to briefly recap them again.The percale sheets are going to be crisp,lightweight, breathable, and very durable, all great qualities. Remember, they are going to be a little moreprone to wrinkles. The sateen sheets are, without a doubt, goingto look amazing on your bed. They’re buttery soft, they have that nicesheen to them, but because they’re thicker, they’re going to sleep a little bit warm. Keep in mind, they might be better for thewinter. Now, the weave is just one of the many factorsto take into consideration when shopping for sheets. Don’t forget you’ve got fabric, color, threadcount, and, of course, you’ve got price. If you want to learn more, check out our YouTubechannel Mattress Clarity. You’ve got a whole bunch of sheet stuff [laughs]going on there. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’ve gotany questions. Now, I’m exhausted. I’m going to go take a nap on these sheets,so I’ll see you later.

Pros & Cons of Common Fabrics | Fibres & Fabrics Part 1

Hey guys, welcome to my fibres and fabrics series. In this video, part one, I’ll be talking about some common materials that you likely have or will come across. And what the pros and cons are for both everyday use and the environmental impact. Part two will be about vegan synthetic versus animal materials. And part 3 will be all about upcycled and recycled materials. So definitely check those out as well. So first up is cotton, and I’ll include time codes below for the different materials if you want to jump ahead or reference certain ones. Cotton is probably the most common fabric and it’s a natural fibre, it comes from the cotton plant And it is: soft, breathable (meaning that air can move through it and moisture can evaporate through it), easy to clean (it’s machine washable), absorbent, versatile ( there’s tons of different kinds of cotton materials and garments), it’s good for people with allergies or skin sensitivities The cons are that it doesn’t hold dye really well so it fades overtime and can also bleed while being washed.It wrinkles, it can shrink in hot water, especially the first time it’s washed. The environmental pros are that it is biodegradable. And the environmental cons are that it needs a lot of water to grow. It’s also usually bleached and chemically treated and dyed. Cotton also has one of the highest pesticide uses for crops. And it’s generally GMO as well. But these two things are prevented by purchasing organic cotton. Next is Linen, and it’s another natural material It comes from the flax plant and it was used all the way back in ancient Egypt.And linen as a fibre is: breathable, durable, lightweight, absorbent, it’s generally very cool and good for summer time, I also read that it’s antimicrobial but I wasn’t able to find very much in-depth information to back that up The cons are that is wrinkles easily It often requires gentler or hand washing and sometimes there is fake linen or ‘linen look’ material so you have to be careful of that. The environmental pros are that it requires little pesticides and water to grow, especially compared to cotton. And it is biodegradable. And the cons are that it can sometimes be dyed with toxic chemicals but it depends on how it’s made. Another plant fibre is hemp. And it comes from the cannabis plant but a type that’s only used for hemp production.And as a fibre it is: durable, absorbent, it becomes softer with wear and washing, it’s breathable and it can also be hypoallergenic. The cons are that it can sometimes be rough, it wrinkles and different countries sometimes have very strict laws around growing and processing hemp. So there are difficulties around that with hemp fabric production. The environmental pros are that it doesn’t require pesticides or lots of water to grow, It doesn’t deplete nutrients from the soils so it’s a really good crop. It is biodegradable and because it’s very durable the garments usually last long And for environmental cons, I really couldn’t find anything.It’s basically seen as being the most eco-friendly material. Then there’s polyester, which is likely the most common synthetic fibre. It’s made from petrochemicals and is: wrinkle resistant, durable, it dries quickly it’s colourfast, it’s machine washable it tends to retain it’s shape well and it’s cheap. The cons are that it doesn’t breathe which can also cause it to become smelly, it builds up static and it can also irritate the skin. An environmental pro is that it can be recycled but this does require another chemical process. And the environmental cons are that it doesn’t biodegrade, fibres come off of it when it’s being washed and those end up polluting the ocean, it’s energy intensive and very polluting to make, toxic chemicals are used to make it and it’s also very difficult to dye which requires a lot of chemicals. Then we have wool. Wool is a natural protein fibre like your hair. And it mainly comes from sheep but can also come from alpacas, goats and other animals.Wool as a fibre is: very warm (it’s even warm when wet), water resistant, durable, very absorbent, flame resistant and hypoallergenic. The cons are that it shrinks in hot water, it must be hand washed or dry cleaned, it can pill and depending on the kind of wool, it can be itchy or irritating to the skin. The environmental pros are that it’s easily dyed, which usually means there are less harsh chemicals used, it’s biodegradable and because it’s very durable it means that the garment will usually wear really well and can be kept for a long time. The environmental cons are that because it comes from an animal there are issues and concerns around the treatment and care and wellbeing of those animals. And I will talk more about that in part two. Toxic chemicals and pesticides can also be used and this can be avoided by looking for organic wool.Next is acrylic which is a synthetic petrochemical fibre. It was developed to be a man made alternative to wool and it is: lightweight, soft, colourfast, machine washable and cheap. The cons are that it tends to pill easily it doesn’t breathe, it builds up static. For the environmental pros, I really couldn’t find anything. And the cons are that it doesn’t biodegrade, it’s not easily recycled, there are toxic chemicals used to make it, it’s energy intensive and again fibres wash off of it that end polluting the oceans. Then there’s silk which is a natural protein fibre. It comes from the cocoon of the silk worm. And it is: very soft, it has a natural sheen, it’s lightweight has a good drape, so it generally looks very nice in clothing and it’s often good for very sensitive skin. The cons are that it’s expensive, it requires hand washing or dry cleaning, it’s not very durable and it’s susceptible to discolouration from sunlight or perspiration.The environmental pros are that it is biodegradable, and it dyes very easily. And the environmental cons are that the silk worms are actually killed in the process of harvesting the silk from the cocoons so it is not at all an ethical or vegan material. Next is nylon another synthetic made from petrochemicals It was developed to be a synthetic replacement for silk. And it is: strong, weather resistant, versatile, water repellent, machine washable, it dries quickly and it’s cheap. The cons are that some types of nylon build up static, it can irritate skin The environmental pros are that it is a pretty durable material so the garment will usually last a long time And for the cons, like with polyester, fibres come off when it’s washed that end up polluting the oceans, toxic chemicals are used to make it, there are a lot of harmful emissions, it’s energy intensive and it’s not biodegradable.Then there’s spandex, also called elastane or lycra. It’s a very elastic fibre also made from petrochemicals. And it’s usually found blended with other fibres. It is: stretchy, it helps clothes retain their shape, and it can help with fit. The cons are that it breaks down over time, it can also become brittle and yellow. The environmental pros are that it can help make clothes not stretch out and the environmental cons are that it doesn’t biodegrade, it’s energy intensive and polluting to make and toxic chemicals are used. Finally there’s a few naturally derived synthetic fibres. The first I’ll talk about is rayon and it’s primarily made from a wood pulp that goes through a chemical process.And as a fibres it’s: soft, inexpensive, absorbent, anti-static, (unlike other synthetic materials), The cons are that it’s not very durable, it tends to pill, it wrinkles, it loses strength when wet and can easily become misshapen and it also shrinks very easily. I actually couldn’t really find any environment pros for rayon except for the fact that it uses less toxic chemicals than other synthetics but there’s still toxic chemicals, so I still see that as a con. Because it’s a wood pulp it can contribute to deforestation and it’s energy intensive to make. There’s also bamboo and the majority of bamboo is actually bamboo viscose or a bamboo rayon And countries have different laws about whether or not it has to be labeled as viscose derived from bamboo or a bamboo rayon. But basically it’s the same process as rayon but instead of using wood pulp, they use bamboo. And as a fibre it is soft, breathable, very absorbent, and also doesn’t build up static.The cons are that like rayon, some bamboo fabrics will pill really easily and I like I mentioned different countries will have different rules as how it’s supposed to be labeled so that can be confusing. The environmental pros are that bamboo is very renewable to grow and requires little water and pesticides. And the cons are that there are still toxic chemicals used to make the material, and it’s energy intensive. And the last fibre I’m going to talk about is lyocell or tencel.And it’s another naturally derived synthetic made from wood pulp. And it is: soft, very absorbent, resistant to wrinkles, versatile, durable, breathable, anti-static and also claims to be hypoallergenic. The cons are that it can pill easily and also sometimes needs special care. The environmental pros are that it is biodegradable, It’s made in a closed loop system so the chemicals are recycled. And it’s much less toxic to produce than other synthetics and natural synthetics like rayon. The cons are that it is still uses quite a bit of energy to produce and because it does come from wood pulp it could also contribute to deforestation but overall it is the most environmentally friendly synthetic material.So of course there are also other materials than the ones I’ve mentioned and you’ll also likely find a lot of blends. And blends can combine the benefits of both materials but it can also negate some of them. For example, a polyester/cotton blend will mean that the item is no longer biodegradable. As you’ve probably noticed, no material is perfect. And it’s just about trying your best to make informed decisions and also choosing the right materials for the function of the garment. I personally try to stick with natural materials for both comfort and environmental reasons. But it doesn’t make sense all the time. For example with swimwear, it makes much more sense to have something that doesn’t absorb water and dries quickly. So I hope you’ve found this interesting and maybe learned something. Please let me know in the comments if they are any pros or cons that I missed. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.

Diy Baby Bedding

TRU Lite is excited to tell you about our newest baby crib mattress protector it’s made of an ultra-soft bamboo terryclot. Perfect for the delicate skin of your little one it’s so soft that your angel can sleep directly on the pad and it’s fitted so you don’t need to use an extra sheet and it will not sleep hot this waterproof crib pad, provides protection against all the messes your little one makes. You know what I’m talking about right? diaper leaks, drippy bottles, and spit ups, are all messy and can stain and damage a crib mattress. That’s why it comes with a waterproof barrier to protect the mattress. These pads are super absorbent too. Your baby and the mattress will stay dry and protected. Little ones can have sensitive skin, that’s why these pads are made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials. There are no harmful chemicals and they are designed as a protection against dust mites, bacteria and germs. The breathable material means no sweaty, hot nights, and our designers also made sure that our mattress protectors don’t make any crinkly noises.Your baby will sleep because there’s protection against those irritants that could wreck a good night’s sleep for the whole family! TRU Lite’s industry-leading lifetime warranty guarantees that as long as you use our crib pad, your precious baby will have a clean, comfortable, and cool mattress to sleep on

Purpleā„¢ PowerBase: The Adjustable Bed that You Never Knew You Always Wanted

For more than half a century robots have been trying to figure out how to Watch TV in bed. It wasn’t always this easy. At first we blamed ourselves. Maybe we’re just not programed to relax in bed? Only after experiencing the Purple PowerBase did we finally realize, we’re not the problem our old bed base was! Honestly, I’m ashamed. That thing goes against everything robots represent. Boring, ugly, no tech! My legs were my favorite feature. Now look at them. Look at them! Ah! That thing is literally worse than legos in the carpet. Other adjustable beds where… underwhelming. Some were clunky. And… Dumb. Like first generation Cylons. I don’t want the skin-tight color-coded morphsuit of bed bases, I want the UltraZord! And we just love TV. Turn your bed base into your home base.No matter the activity, Purple PowerBase’s programmable positions have got your back and legs and butt. No more strained necks from propping up on elbows & pillows. Purple PowerBase is great for It’s so advanced, it’s like resting on comfy Iron Man. And I totally fine with that! You can also control positions using the wireless remote or Purple’s very own smartphone app. If you sleep like us, together but very differently, get our That way the both of you can get the massage you need and sleep however the weird you want. Got a “loud processor”? Try the Anti-Snore position. Want to try a position and with an awesome name? Try Zero Gravity. Humans will be happy to know that it not only simulates weightlessness, it takes the pressure off your heart and lower back and betters blood flow and opens airways and improves breathing and relaxes sore muscles and even reduces swelling and acid reflux.It’s cool as cool a NASA! Ready to go back to Earth? Hit the one-touch flat button. And how about a massage in your own bed? I’m tired of those guys at the mall. The Purple PowerBase’s crown jewel is the Royal Purple Massage or RPM. It helps to ease tension and fall asleep and stay asleep. You know, after a long day at work. “Is this a robot call?” Why, yes it is! Hello? Oh. While other base massagers vibrate and thump, ruining your bed frame and decimating your cool points. RPM uses patented technology to create a true resonant frequency massage, tuned to the pitch of Purple. Purple PowerBase has so many features, every night feels like a Daft Punk concert. So dance how you want to. The pro-grip micro-hook retention system will keep your mattress in place. While the under bed lighting, lights the way. Tired of doing the robot? Just plug in to one of our USB or AC ports and charge up.I’m a robot doing the robot! With quick assembly and adjustable height, Purple PowerBase can transform your sleeping experience in a flash! You can even use it with your existing bed frame. Lose that disgusting box spring. You wouldn’t put R2D2 on a crop duster, so don’t put it in nice mattress on a boring no-feature base. Don’t have a nice mattress? Get Purple. Purple PowerBase is optimized for the Purple mattress. You’re old bed base is the worst. Sleep and watch TV the you way like, sitting up, smiling. Getting a back and butt massage from a Purple PowerBase. Isn’t life great?

Pillow Guy Sheets Review – Tencel or Percale?

[background music] Sarah: Hey, guys. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. Today, we’re taking a look at sheets fromPillow Guy, both the Classic Cool and Crisp Set and the Luxe Soft and Smooth Set. Stay tuned because I’m going to show you whatthey’re both made of, how they feel, and which sleepers might be compatible with which one. I’ve got both Pillow Guy’s sheet sets on thebed right now. I did a little mix and matching so that wecan get the sense of both of them at the same time. Before I get into my first impressions, ifthroughout the course of this video any questions come up or you want a personal recommendationfrom me, please feel free to give me a shout in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to help. Now, I’m testing the Classic Cool and Crispas the fitted sheet and two pillow cases. Then I’ve got the Luxe Soft and Smooth, whichI’ll be honest, I think should be renamed to Silky and Smooth, because it’s so silky.It’s luxuriously silky, and it’s got a verylustrous sheen. Either way, I’m knowing that. If you’re someone who prefers that silky hand-feeland a lustrous sheen to your bed sheets, this one is probably going to be the right pickfor you. Meanwhile, the Crisp and Cool sheets set isdefinitely living up to its name. It’s got that freshly-ironed, button-downshirt kind of feel. Super crisp but also it’s feeling light andbreathable, which is giving me the good signs that it’s going to help me sleep cool.Now that we’ve taken a first look, let’s goahead and dive deeper into what each sheet set is made of. First, let’s talk about what the Cool andCrisp sheet set is made of. First of all, its 100-percent long staplecotton, which gives you great durability. The general rule of thumb when you are shoppingfor cotton bedding is the longer the fiber — also known as staple — the more soft anddurable the finished product will be.It features a 400-thread count and a percaleweave. When it comes to thread count, there is amisconception that you need a super high thread count of 800 or a thousand in order to enjoya nice soft set of sheets, but that’s just not the case. In fact, a 400-thread count is actually consideredto be luxuriously soft. I would definitely say these sheets are noexception. As far as what percale means, when you’reon the hunt for cotton bedding, you’ll notice that you’re frequently posed with two options– percale and sateen. These terms refer to the weave style usedto make the bedding. In this case, we’re dealing with the percaleweave, which gives you that crisp, cool, classic cotton feel that, like I said, often feelslike a freshly-ironed, button-down dress shirt. Compared to a sateen weave, percale does havea reputation for being more breathable, better for hot sleepers or hot weather. Again, I’m definitely feeling that to be thecase with this sheet set. When I was bellowing it over the mattress,I feel a lot of air flowing through the fabric. Like I said, I’m getting a good sense thatit’s going to help keep me cool.When it comes to the Luxe Soft and Smoothsheet set, which I’ve got here in white, it’s made from 100-percent TENCEL and featuresa sateen weave. With a sateen weave, you’re getting this silky,smooth hand-feel and a lustrous sheen. It’s important to remember that with sateen,usually you’re going to get that shiny, silky-looking feel. With percale, you’re going to get a matteappearance and more of a crisp feel. These are definitely some of the silkiestand shiniest sateen sheets I’ve ever tested. Again, if you’re into that lustrous look,these are probably going to be right up your alley. We know it’s silky and smooth, but what isTENCEL? TENCEL is actually the trademark name forlyocell, which is a sustainably sourced material made from dissolving wood pulp.In this case, the wood pulp of eucalyptustrees. Eco-friendly sleepers, this might be a particularlygood pick for you. Not only is this a sustainable sourced material,but the whole TENCEL production process is environmentally friendly. If you want to know more about that, I diveinto all kinds of detail in my full written review, which is linked below. Another thing that’s great about TENCEL islyocell fibers are famous for being super durable, naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial,moisture wicking. For all of these perks, TENCEL is often blendedwith cotton, so you’re boosting that durability and bringing those nice hypoallergenic propertiesto the table as well. Because these sheets are made from 100-percentTENCEL, you get to enjoy TENCEL in all of its glory.Now, we know what both of these sheet setsare made of, but what comes with each set? The Crisp and Cool set is a four-piece setthat comes with one top sheet, two pillow case that feature those envelop closures,and one fitted sheet capable of accommodating mattresses up to 16-inches deep, so nice deeppockets. Then the Soft and Smooth Luxe sheet set isa six-piece set that comes with everything that the Crisp and Cool set comes with, plustwo additional pillowcases. Let’s go ahead and recap the highlights andpotential pitfalls of each sheet set, so you know which one is best for you.There’s a lot that I’m liking about both ofthese sheet sets, but to be completely honest with you, I do prefer the TENCEL. Why? First of all, it’s got this gorgeous lustroussheen that I personally find to be irresistible, a luxuriously silky-smooth hand-feel. At the end of the day, bedding is really aboutyour preference. Not to mention, it’s made from 100-percentTENCEL, which, like I said, is a very eco-friendly material but also comes with all these wonderfulperks. It’s very absorbent. It’s hypoallergenic, antimicrobial. It’s working extra hard to keep those allergensat bay. Meanwhile, the percale sheet set is also nice. It’s very breathable. Between the two, it is going to be a betterpick for those of you who run hot. It’s also very crisp and offers that classiccrisp, cotton feel.Again, if you know that you’re more into amatte appearance with a crisp hand-feel, definitely go with the percale. Regardless of which set you choose, they’reboth very durable. You’ve got the long-staple cotton, which isbringing great durability to the game. Also, TENCEL lyocell fibers are known fortheir durability. Either set is built to last. Additionally, each set comes with pretty easywash care. All you got to do is throw it in a cool, gentlecycle with mild detergent, tumble dry on low heat, and that’s it. Like I said, it does make wash care prettyeasy for both sets. Another thing that I like about this brandis that both sheet sets come with a 30-day sleep-free guarantee, which basically meansyou have 30 full nights to get the sense of whether or not these sheets are the rightfit for you. If throughout the course of that 30 days youdecide that you’re not satisfied, you can just send them on back and you’ll be fullyrefunded.Of course, there are a few things to thinkabout before you make your purchase. First of all, price. While it is true that long-staple cotton andTENCEL do often tend to come at higher price points because of superior durability, thesesheets are actually more expensive compared to others that I’ve tested in their category. We got the percale set ranging for about $200to $250 and the TENCEL sheet set ranging from $300 to $350. Frankly, that’s just not going to be in everyone’sprice range. Of course, you do have that nice 30-day trialperiod, so test them out.You might just decide that they’re worth thedough. Something to think about the sateen sheetset is while TENCEL does bring these great moisture-wicking properties to the table,a sateen weave does tend to produce a thicker sheet that lies heavier on the body and isusually less breathable as compared to percale. I’m definitely finding that to be the casewith these sheets. The sateen sheet set, while it is very silkysmooth, is definitely going to be better for folks trying to keep warm or better for coolerweather as it does, like I said, lie heavier on the body and does not produce as much airflow. When it comes to the Crisp and Cool percalesheet set on the other hand, it does wrinkle very easily. This is not unique to this particular sheetset as a percale weave does have a reputation for just wrinkling easily.Luckily, it is machine wash and dryable. If I were you, I would pull them out of thedry cycle as soon as the cycle is finished. Stretch it out over your mattress. That should serve to keep the wrinkles atbay. However, if you can’t stand a single wrinkle,you can iron on a low heat. [background music] Sarah: That’s it from me, but for every lastdetail on both of these sheet sets, be sure to check out my full written review, whichis linked below. By the way, I have reviewed Pillow Guy pillows. If you want to know about those, just googleSleepopolis Pillow Guy pillows. It will be the first thing that pops up. I do hope you’ve found this review to be helpful. If you did, be sure to like and subscribeto our channel. Follow us on social media, because we’re alwaysuploading more content with one main thing in mind — to get you some better sleep.Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time..

Top 10 Best affordable sheets

rocks wiki’s best product advisor behindAmazon rocks wiki’s presents top ten best affordable sheets starting with thelist number ten she’d name 100 percent premium combed cotton sheet information100 percent premium combed cotton imported our 100% premium cotton isspecially combed to remove all but the finest and longest fibers number nineshe’d name superior extra soft highest quality sheet information 100% cottonflannel imported number eight she’d name 100% Egyptian cotton 650thread count sheet information 100% Egyptian cotton making these 650 threadcount sheets the ultimate in luxury number seven she’d name Masotti luxurybed sheet set sheet information 100% polyester microfiber imported number sixshe’d name cozy house 1500 series luxury bed sheets sheet information softer thansilk ready for a restful refreshing sleep sink into these sumptuous sheetsnumber five she’d name six piece bamboo bed sheetsets with stripes by cozy house sheet information a fresh feel like no otherwith soft bamboo sheets these bamboo sheets are a high-quality blend of 40%rayon derived from bamboo and 60% polyester microfibers number four she’dname superior 300 thread count cotton may would print sheet set sheetinformation 100% cotton imported number threenamed HC collection bed sheet sheet information our 1800 series sheet set ismade from double brushed microfibers in her softer and more breathable thanEgyptian cotton number 2 she’d named superior 100% premium combedcotton sheet information 100% premium long staple combed cotton importedsubtle softness number 1 she’d name 100% premium combed cotton400 thread count deep sheet information 100% premium combed cotton importedthank you for watching our video about top 10 best affordable sheets to getthose affordable sheets follow the description link bellow and subscribe toour channel for future upload

10 Little Fishies | + More Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

One little fishy swimming in the sea Along came another one And then there were two Two little fishies swimming in the sea Along came another one And then there were three Three little fishies swimming in the sea Along came another one And then there were four Swimming, swimming, swimming in the sea That big old shark will never catch me Four little fishies swimming in the sea Along came another one And then there were five Five little fishies swimming in the sea Along came another one And then there were six Six little fishies swimming in the sea Along came another one And then there were seven Swimming, swimming, swimming in the sea That big old shark will never catch me Seven little fishies swimming in the sea Along came another one And then there were eight Eight little fishies swimming in the sea Along came another one And then there were nine Nine little fishies swimming in the sea Along came another one And then there were ten Swimming, swimming, swimming in the sea That big old shark will never catch me Swimming, swimming, swimming in the sea That big old shark will never catch me Swimming, swimming, swimming in the sea That big old shark will never catch me He’ll never, never, never, never That big old shark will never catch me

How to Build a Simple & Inexpensive Cold Frame to Extend the Growing Season

If you’re new to season extension, the cheapest and easiest strategy to get started is with a bloodless frame. In these days i will exhibit you the right way to construct a easy bloodless body utilising an historic storm window and a few leftover wood. Before getting started, let’s take a appear at among the cold frames I’ve built over the years and the substances I used. This first one, proper right here, is mostly one of the crucial first ones I ever built, and right now it has broken glass top, but i will repair that with some greenhouse tape. This was once made fully from re-purposed materials. And this one, additionally created from re-purposed materials, has a storm windows as the top. And this one has the shelf from an ancient refrigerator as the highest. And we surely have some more of those refrigerator cabinets to make extra cold frames this measurement.Now let’s take a seem at the materials i’m going to be utilising to build latest cold body. Ok, in these days i am utilising lumber left over from a raised mattress build. I’ve acquired a 2 by using 8 for the front panel, and a 2 via 12 for the back panel. This will provide the highest of the cold body a slope toward the sun. I even have some lumber right here for the aspect panels. And i am using an historical storm window we got from the neighbor after they put in new windows. The storm window is 24 and a half of through 26 and a half of inches. The longer dimension will correspond to the back panel. Now, it in order that happens this piece of wooden for the back panel is 27 and a quarter inches, which is a little bit bit larger than the window, however that is just about right. For the reason that I don’t want the window to head all the solution to the edge of the body.So, the first thing I need to do is now cut the two by way of eight to the equal length because the again panel. To do that, i’ll effortlessly lay the back panel on high of the front panel, and mark with a pencil the place i’m going to must cut, so they will both be the equal length. And now cut. I’m very constrained on space right here, so I set some 2 through four spacers beneath the board, and i’ve set the depth of the blade in order that is not going to reduce into the desk.Ok, now we have front and back panels cut to the identical size. Subsequent i will reduce the part panels, on the way to taper down from the height of the 2 by 12 back panel to the 2 by way of eight entrance panel. On the whole, i might use a 2 with the aid of 12 for this motive, but I did not have any scrap 2 by 12 left over. So, as an alternative, I joined together two pieces of wood for the side panels, and i’m going to reduce those to dimension. The window dimension that I must in shape with our aspect panels is 24 and a half of inches. But for the reason that I do not want the window to reach all the option to the threshold of the body, i’m going to add an extra an inch to that, so the dimension comes to 25 and a half of inches.And here is where it gets a little tricky. The side panel will sit down between the front and back panels, so I have to account for the fact that i have three inches of timber there – one and half of inch within the again 1 half of inches in the again and 1 half of inches in front, and i have got to subtract that out to get my final cut for the facet panels. So, 25 and a half minus three is twenty two and a 1/2 inches for the part panels. If that seems complicated to you proper now, don’t fear. I’m going to show you as soon as the cold body is developed how a 22 and a half inch cut here will give us a part panel of twenty-five and a half of inches. And i will cut the 2nd facet panel to the same length. Okay, the aspect panels are cut to length now. Now we need to reduce them so that they taper down from the height of the two with the aid of twelve to the height of the 2 by using eight. To try this, i’ll effortlessly position the 2 with the aid of twelve on and mark the height of the 2 via twelve on the aspect panel.I will put the two via eight on the opposite side and mark that top. Then i’m going to draw a line connecting the two and with a view to be where I make my tapered reduce. Okay, I drew the same cut line on the second side panel, and now i’m in a position to cut both panels. With the aspect panels reduce, that you may begin to look how this is coming together. I’ve got the 2 by means of 12 back panel, side panels that taper down from the two by 12 to the 2 by 8 front panel, and i have acquired the reduce aspect of the side panel down. My subsequent step is to drill pilot holes in the again panel and front panel.I will be utilizing a countersink bit to make sure i don’t cut up the timber. K now let’s start connecting the panels, which is also a bit of difficult on this small table. I’ve bought the board the other way up, due to the fact that this may enable me to push down and ensure that i have a flush connection at the prime of the coal body, which is truely down right here. By the way, these are three inch deck screws that i’m using. Make sure it can be flush. Looks good. All correct. Now i’m going to connect the 2nd part panel making use of the equal procedure, and i’ll be again to you once I’m completed. All correct, the panels are all connected. There is only one final thing to finish this cold frame. To be certain that the glass doesn’t slide off, i’m gonna put two little roofing nails correct here within the entrance just to make certain it stays in position.Now let’s have a look at how the storm window suits excellent! Simply as deliberate. Now let’s transfer this to a backyard mattress to finish contemporary video. Once once more, the reduce facet of the bloodless frame is the bottom, and the uncut part is the highest. Okay, now less re-seek advice from the predicament I talked about prior involving the side panel size. Hi there, Oscar! You may recollect the window is 24 and a half of inches. I cut this to 22 and a half of inches, which is shorter, of direction. But as you’ll discover, the additional three inches added by using the front and back panels give us a lot of area. In fact, we have one other inch, or a half of inch on either side. I hope that clarifies that Now let’s talk about how i’ll use this. I take advantage of cold frames to lengthen the developing season for cool climate plants into the autumn and wintry weather, and to get an early start within the spring for both cool climate vegetation and frost touchy plants. Within the fall, a cold body this measurement is perfect for lettuce, spinach, carrots, and compact kale types.I’m going to start these same plants early within the spring in cold frames, but i’ll also begin tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash in cold frames early. This fall I is not going to duvet the cold frames at all except temperatures start dipping below freezing. At that point, i’ll be very cautious to vent the cold frames to prevent overheating. I’m going to cast off the lids or vent them on all days which are above freezing. And i will vent on sunny days, even when it is beneath freezing. The largest danger to chill climate vegetation in bloodless frames in the fall and early iciness is overheating. So, i’m going to err on the side of being too cold as an alternative than too scorching. I’m going to unencumber a video on my process to venting soon and when it’s on hand put a link here.When you discovered this video priceless, please give it a thumbs up. And if you haven’t already, please subscribe extra videos on how to grow plenty of meals on a bit of land with out spending a lot or working more difficult than you have got to Let’s go within, Bud. That used to be fun. You all proper? One more assault. A further assault coming. Oh! Good boy! Oh, my goodness! Oh yeah, somebody’s gonna come take care of industry..

Concierge CoolPlus 4pc 400 Thread Count Rayon from Bambo…

[Music] good to say that these were general the final couple of days is any such an exaggerated over understatement on the grounds that they’ve been on fire good first and fundamental if you are anyone who has been watching for the superb sheet and buy a ideal sheet I mean a sheet that it is going to be smooth that is going to think secure however most significantly goes to have the latest cool plus science where it literally is water diffusing moisture wicking they are 55% bamboo we’ve got had so many requests for bamboo sheets reviewers out there and that i simply ought to tell you when I touch these and that i put my hand on these sheets I are not able to even explain to you the way robust they believe well on high of all of that they are now not just a smart deal they may be an strong deal in these days from $79.99 without a doubt Ella and i have been speaking about these they usually have been supposed to come out because the one of the pleasant values of the day at $58 we introduced them down this weekend to $forty nine.95 5 flex pay which is $9.Ninety nine on any bank card debit card PayPal at this factor I feel now we have the dual full queen king or cal king all at that cost will go to the beautiful delicious you already know icy palette of colors however let me convey in my excellent guest miss Ellen Bunner hello Bobby so yesterday I used to be staring at these considering the fact that I was at house and i’m like please let there be some left for today when you consider that these if that is the quality within the strongest response we have had to sheets here from concierge assortment like in years years and i’m ears 18 years and i do not suppose I’ve ever obvious this sort of response to a collection of sheets in 18 years I imply it quite is and i suppose the cause why is it it is particularly two matters that people had been asking me about and watching for number one bamboo all people loves me due to the fact that it’s silky its excessive-finish luxe it’s cool its moisture wicking it’s very luxury and lustrous right so four hundred thread rely sateen in with fifty five% being bamboo then the opposite requests I get Bobby is from sizzling sleepers correct we all sleep scorching probably it is that time of age that you’re sad and suddenly you’re hot you are cold you’re scorching these sheets have cool plus fibers that are certainly perforated to make them breathable and moisture wicking so the combination is tremendous so announcing all of that what’s quite gotten people speaking is that this I mean look at this look you will find it these sheets just appear and suppose first rate so it is funny on account that Ellen you were telling me like all people purchased them right we have now had hosts through the hosts that I’ve worked with every phase in them sure the everyone dressing the bed and so these sheets had been very wellknown just right here the network our shopping team that designs concierge collection our Sabha seats I get them so we introduced in like 22,000 of them and i suppose it can be like half the variety in just a few airings has been spoken for so let’s go by way of all the colours and hear the tough section is beautiful and you already know what i really like i really like the fact that you have got 30 days cuz with a sheet i don’t care what they feel like within the retailer you need to sleep I agree but we listen this may include a entire HSN pleasant night time sleep assurance yes pleaded with the mattress Craig correct exactly and that i thoroughly accept as true with you and these are sheets like you’ve got more commonly not ever felt I’ve under no circumstances noticeable this combo of fibers earlier than so you want to take a look at these out that is the taupe and Adam has coined at the champagne taupe it is a rather beautiful impartial so if you would like a impartial this one’s been very fashionable and we and we now have with it so it can be the dual the full and the queen are long past within the taupe oh my goodness oh that’s the one ones we’ve all proper so the only ones we now have are the dual o.K. The King and the Cal King are long past ok now i know this one’s been very preferred dusty very restrained ok very restrained on dusty rose twin and entire simplest okay 85 left oh my goodness k this is the Aqua this is the gorgeous color we’re featuring on the mattress very saturated and i’ll inform you I’ve washed mine they are fade resistant lessen resistant so you don’t worry in regards to the colour definitely we have all of the sizes so 12 through there then now we have the sage seem at the luster on these I know it’s so pretty and gentle this color would name it lots to head round – yeah you should make a rather first-class smooth tender Lila very mild orgeous k i’m gonna show you these two collectively – correct right here oh my goodness ok that is the gray nevertheless it really appears silvery do you see simply the desktop and then of path the white and the white on these is that optic sure fairly crisp white exceptional present these sheets could be and then this blue and the blue this blue we had on the mattress the day gone by I imply it appear at it lights up right it looks like liquid I do feel honestly that these that is quite often the first time you could literally consider the softness along with your eyes I agree thanks a lot already incredibly standard and we are saying hello to Demetria and Lisa and Alena who are joining us on facebook shall be are living this hour within the subsequent hour however if in case you have been searching for sheets and the other factor about this this cool plus is out there within the advertise is proper so when you do which you effectively can do your evaluation looking for the precise characteristic and it’s the feature that is going to offer you that water subtle a moisture wicking keeping the sheets cool but in addition readable breathable and also you understand it’s a plus whilst you seem it up it is really used right now in athletic wear we’re one of the crucial first which have put it into a and what’s predominant to find out about cool plus is if you appear at those fibers under a microscope they have got micro slits in them so they are porous like bamboo is porous so it offers you that breathability that capillary function where it pulls and wicks moisture and here is how i admire to explain it in the event you’ve ever worked out in a cotton shirt we i really like cotton correct cotton is breathable natural and then you definitely work out in lively put on variety fabrication that wicks and pulls moisture suppose of the extraordinary ice proper you are no longer you are dry your dribble for your dry and so these sheets will breathe so you will see that on this you’re getting airflow correct so breathability so no warmth buildup which is hugely important but in addition it can be pulling the moisture so if you perspire or you sleep with someone who spires and you get up I even had a question on on facebook are living a pair days in the past they usually said you realize these sheets is not going to follow you they are no longer you are no longer gonna get up and it is firing in view that of your sheets trapping all that warmth and humidity and moisture these are double breathable right twice as breathable as cotton and you know i like my cotton I do too however we now have acquired some fabrics in the market that fairly perform higher for sizzling sleepers so what about within the cooler months how do they work in the cooler ones for your physique ok so each the the bamboo fiber and the cool plus fiber they have got pockets in there that provide you with that insulation and i always say to you know if you’re a sizzling sleeper what will we do in the wintertime we activate the warmth we pile on the blankets right you are you’re constantly a scorching sleeper proper gonna be just right for you year-circular and then let me exhibit you this it is so funny after I acquired this sample at residence I opened it up and and this when you felt these isn’t it the second your hand touches enormously different I ran round my dwelling room Oh on the sheet on all my household milk to feel this and you will see that it the fluidity and the silkiness and the luster now we also did we desired to provide you with a luxury appear and consider so 400 thread depend it’s a group that’s why you get that stunning delicate glow am i able to inform you what they’re a have got to and when you have the opportunity to get them house considering that consider flex pay wreck established on five easy repayments Lex pay the whole lot today all of it ends in the dead of night $9.99 to get these residence on any bank card debit card PayPal you’ve got the 30 day so that you could which you could sleep with them i am telling you i’m just standing here preserving them going I are not able to feel I cannot get over how these suppose these are and were seeing that the day before today day before probably the most trendy sheets that we have now had from concierge collection literally in years and they are a dream sheet and they have everything you’re watching for the potential to maintain you cool in the summertime however then even have that principal breathability in the wintertime as good all you have to do is pick the colour will go to the colours again but hear also same rate for each size so that’s something else that we do here that i like twin full queen king Kalkan it doesn’t matter and you aren’t finding these sheets in the market anywhere in the enterprise right considering that they may be wholly distinguished for us here at HSN and we labored a very long time we labored a long time to be in a position to deliver these sheets to you ideal weekend after which I do have a query from Judy on fb do they pill oh correct I washed mine and you’ll be quite completely happy while you launder these just the best way that they there they arrive out they’re relatively wrinkle resistant lambu ran from bamboo as good as the the cool plus fiber are very durable is so these are long lasting sheets additionally when you store with concierge collection before we’re an unique line right here at HSN we promote a lot of groundwork pieces so whether you are getting a new mattress or you may have one with a deep featherbed or topper 18 inch lodging elastic all of the means around via these you’re gonna fit even these difficult to suit beds stays in position these are particularly a durable sheet they wash superbly they dry superfast don’t they that is what I read that they dry quicker and once more that evaporative first-rate yeah each of those fiber fine also the load did you realize the weight you know if if you happen to tried sheets and you consider for them to be smooth and silky they have to be paper-thin these have a substance and a density the the blend of the 2 materials and the four hundred thread depend the load is exceptional and gigantic not heavy no longer too mild i will inform you when you are washing these they’re convenient care however i might wash them on soft and i would dry them on low simply on account that you are gonna wish to on account that these consider so just right after which no fabric softener they may be already soft and what the material softener it should it can diminish on that breathability of these so skinny get out your glad location dryer balls you wish to have to preserve these they may be so enormously silky and delicate and secure in case you have sensitive epidermis I even said with these pillowcases you understand how we you guys you noticed all those beauty products right the pillowcases that they promote considering that they are so yes i am telling ya these are so delicate they do they suppose the equal you are going to love the best way these feel in your epidermis so that is that blue see the way it style of appears like a pool we were we have been playing with it the previous day and the way in which that it puddles I mean it can be beautiful the sheen the luster so that is your blue and then if you are doing a impartial i do know the taupe is getting just a little confined taupe grey white I imply without doubt most individuals combined and that is another thing about it three we always say you should have three units of sheets proper correct one in the bed one in the laundry and one competent to move exactly if you’re discovering that you are shopping sheets and then you definately take the ones you get at residence you rather don’t like and you’re put him on the guestroom right preserve seeking to get the ones that you are going to love these are the sheets that you will wish you had on every mattress in your home even 9 greenbacks truthfully indeed in case you appear on the retail I wish to comment that retails are as much as one hundred forty bucks so that is practically $100 off when you’re purchasing them in the California king so proper now the Aqua and the gray are the two colours which are without doubt in the lead the Rose is virtually absolutely bought out we’ll go by means of all the color selections again but now we have not ever ever ever provided these earlier than so that’s one other fine note and and that i what i really like about this to Bobby is it is it’s the two fibers we now have been getting the most requests for bamboo particularly we don’t most often show it so much it may be quite luxurious bamboo and so to be competent to get REME from Abu it can be such an low cost approach and likewise to get a cooling sheet considering that I get that more than some thing our mattresses have modified a number of air mattresses are our memory foam and foams that warmth up and you know where it is sizzling in every single place a variety of us just run it’s scorching we’re hot and so it is like a win-win precisely and then the colors are so lovely in this so there’s your neutrals the taupe the gray and the white obviously and fine reward oh my god would be the most out of the ordinary reward if you wish to supply luxurious basics which can be perpetually excellent the blue this crimson ash is so pretty appear at this with the grey and the white I just ought to exhibit you this combo however a gorge it’s only wonderful looking it can be identical to a hint of color with that pink ass then now we have the sage which is delicate that’s my favourite that’s the one after you mentioned this i am like okay they’re on their means look even simply look at how barely lifting it up you can find how the sunshine hits it you see the sheen I feel that you may feel the terrific softness but the magic comes whilst you sleep on these sheets oh for sure by the way so Maria needs to know do they have got deep pockets for thicker mattresses sure yes we confirmed that 1818 combo after which the opposite question we had if Candace would like to comprehend if they fit an adjustable bed will they stay on the magic adjustable bed not like if in case you have a sleep number no you ought to use distinctive sheets proper well this does have a deep pocket so i do know that often the obstacle so 18 inch it does give you additional room relying on the size of your mattress ok excellent and and hear the bottom line is how amazing these feel and thanks so much for your whole orders so we said we began off with 22,000 and that i believe we popped up the counter for every body over 10,000 200 were spoken for and you recognize what’s gonna happen i do know what’s gonna occur with these these would be the sheets you get at home and go subsequently i need more where are they and well let me just let you know when they may be offered out we haven’t any inspiration after we’re bringing them again this was once a this is not just a targeted value in view that at the start like you stated most effective we had been purported to promote these for $58 which might have been a pleasant rate for these correct precisely with all of the science and as you seem at that shot just suppose crawling into my god proper and the way exceptional you’re gonna suppose just with this sheet like well they got it over your individual and intimate they’re over you they may be beneath you they may be tremendous main in case you’ve been fairly looking for that sheets that silky and delicate and so tender towards your dermis however it’s breathable it is handy to care for and wonderful while I mean this fairly suits the bill and when you get residence you may have paid double for these all right Carpy right you get the retail you fully grasp why right they’re retailing up to a $a hundred,000 they really are the ideal weight in view that that’s whatever I wrestle with me too and i perpetually say even thread count is so confusing to me on account that commonly which you could have a excessive thread depend and be manner too heavy it is so actual and you realize i know fibers are confusing too however I consider a number of people go back to thread depend and cotton that is you understand a lot has modified there is a variety of exceptional fibers out there alternative with the intention to participate in for you and that is worth the are trying when you’ve got never tried it get this I know it’s one of a kind and it is new and i’ll let you know recall it can be distinguished this mixture shouldn’t be at any place else I like it exceptional nowhere else best here and i do know Ellen you will have a show at 2 o’clock midday at midday at midday and and all i will be able to say is at this point right now we sincerely have the entire colors the rose is about capable to be bought out absolutely the taupe is handiest in we lost a king and misplaced a California king right here the beautiful aqua and the grey on this hour essentially the most fashionable i might particularly speak to you and say my gosh if you are able to do it choose up that white for the reason that the white is it’s the variety of a white you are continually looking for correct yellow crisp optic yeah exactly and i might say if which you could swing it and get two units in an effort to relatively switch them out it can be it’s gonna be your favourite go to and you’re gonna wish yourself that second set hundred percentage so pay attention you can’t go flawed loving the five flex of the 5 flex of direction we did only for Labor Day weekend $10 all of it I mean you think that’s a high-quality sleep scan correct but regrettably if you make a decision the next day to come you’re going to not be getting the 5 flex pay payments so take advantage of them Ellen thank you’re you excellent to look you understand it’s a good one war whatever we’re all shopping it correct yeah proper I’ve never seen this kind of response it is been Ishino yeah so proceed do i know we have hundreds of individuals which can be calling so which you can keep there we will be certain that you simply get yours don’t forget how easy and rapid it is to buy via our HSN app it’s an extra fine solution to go along with going to hsn.Com so we now have the excellent celebration object for each person out there and i will just inform you I possess this ice maker this has been

Unique Tree Pot/Creative Flower Pot Making at Home/DIY Planter/Decorative Showpiece//GREEN PLANTS

Welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to make a precise style flower pot it is a plastic a4 size sheet now i just make a cone utilising the plastic sheet next , connecting the balloon with this cone now making the cement blend, just mix the white cement and water after which dipping the jute sack pieces into the cement and location on the balloon and cone now adding the thick coat of cement combination after drying making the gap on the top with vigor drill remove the balloon and cone now pot is nearly ready subsequent adding the cement blend within this pot now i will joint the all pots sanding the outer floor to get the smooth surface painting with acrylic paints now pot is competent subsequent potting the Dracaena plant after planting , water them thanks for looking at

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