I sit in a jacuzzi filled with aspect with sand. (Laughter) This is one of the most effective things! In case you take sand like this and add air to it the proper way, it will turn out to be liquid soup. (music) In science, this phenomenon is known as a liquid bed. It is used in industry for powder coating and grain silos, to ensure soft float of grain from the outlet. (tune) With air, the surface is just about no friction. As an air hockey table. (song continues) And when the air stops, everything freezes in its location. (music continues) So today i’ll show you find out how to build a simplified variant much like yourself. Then, due to the fact it sparked my curiosity, what if I absolutely immerse myself in something like this … We now have developed a Jacuzzi-sized variation. As you can find, there’s a 60-yr-historical video imparting this experiment with the aid of the British Royal Institute, which means that this expertise is just not new I’ve wanted to construct one for a very long time, however that you may barely get know-how on-line to build one.So I accumulated some sketches in patenting inventions for some tremendous factories And i realized that instead of getting one enormous air outlet, they all had small air vents. Despite my talents of this, it took 25 failed makes an attempt to proceed this design. As you will discover, it is only a set of half inch plastic tubes organized in a ladder. But the secret is that you simply open two holes 1 mm in diameter, 90 degrees from each and every different, and make a wide variety of them at a distance of 25 mm. Then glue all tubes collectively, and make the holes open toward the backside so that the sand does not get within Then just shut the bowl with some sizzling glue. Then fill the container with sand or glass beads. That you would be able to run it with a small air pump like this, or that you may employ a nitrogen cylinder for $ 30 and run it for 10 minutes per cylinder. As typical, i’m going to put links to all of the portions I used to give an explanation for the video. So my friend Kane has a broken Jacuzzi in his again backyard, which we determined to use (song) (Laughter) When it stops, think as if you’re trapped on your situation and a heavy blanket on every part of your physique. (Laughter) Ahh! (tune) And now that i have established it and validated its readiness, i’ll continue my mission to come to be my favorite uncle (Awa Al-Khali English). Bio Bio Bio Bio, uh! (screaming) I made up our minds to shock my nephews (or my English sister I do not respect) together with her (Creaking sound) Lo and behold! Ahh! (Laughter) (track) (laughter and screaming) but earlier than we swim within the sand, let’s talk concerning the science in the back of this fluid bed Wait, wait, do not go if you happen to suppose science is boring, and if you’re new to this channel You will have to understand that my folklore fishing approach is similar (a type of dinosaur). I attempt to get folks in an appealing or unique approach to seem and then when they don’t assume it Roar …A intelligent lady, a folk voltter makes a sound I admit that the abstract will appear on the end, however I shall be achieved in the event you stay with me for two minutes I promise to make it easier to appreciate and with the aid of taking into consideration not to make it appear trivial Fluidization is only if there’s ample force of air that presses up equal to the force of gravity or weight down. After which what happens is that every grain of sand floats within the air in equilibrium like this that you would be able to imagine it as something in the center tug of warfare sport. If whatever is in equilibrium. This means that that there is a tie, and no one can pull its course (air – gravity). Nevertheless, if we add Steve Austin (a noted wrestler) to either direction, we will be able to lose stability on one side. And it’s precisely what occurs if we develop the air pump that is, when liquefaction happens, the sensitive point is when sand floats Balzan Which makes it free to move, as you can additionally notice that some swimming swimming pools are pumped with air to shrink the diver’s collision. Now you become aware of that there are matters floating on the outside of the sand and things which can be sinking This has to do with the buoyancy drive and it follows this equation (buoyancy force = fluid density * body density * gravity) When an object is under a stress gradient, and there are forces that squeeze it from each and every part, it presses more as it deepens downward. This is why you’re more agonized if you find yourself the one below in dogpile (a game that entails more than one people leaping over considered one of them) or that you simply think suffering to your ears as you dive into the pool. This makes sense, as you go deeper, the extra water you get, in order that it is going to push you down. And for those who accumulate the size and course of these stocks, you will to find that some of them cancel out the others and you have got the accumulated (mixed) forces that push you up. These are buoyancy forces, and if your buoyancy forces are bigger than gravity, they will go with the flow. And if the buoyancy forces are lower than gravity, it’s going to sink. Now, most commonly we most often suppose of the buoyancy forces with water, however that you could think them with a helium balloon with our surroundings (air). So here’s a complicated question. Which of these have bigger buoyancy forces? It is without a doubt the ball? Buoyancy forces have nothing to do with body density, but only with quantity. So, seeing that the ball is taking larger dimension, it has extra buoyancy forces. However which you can object that why the ball sinks and the balloon floats? Bear in mind, as a rope-tightening recreation, the ball sinks because the gravitational forces on the thick rubber and the compressed air inside it have a number of buoyancy. However for a balloon although it doesnt have buoyancy powers, the balls It remains floating, for the reason that buoyancy forces are better than the force of weight (gravity) due to skinny helium and rubber. And helium watered it as a ball rising from the backside of a pool. Then it’s going to discontinue on the position where the air density is the same as the density of helium inside the balloon, seeing that there can be tied gamers tug of war. Vue! We are achieved! Now let’s go back to my brother’s children (or my English sister does not differentiate). (guffaw) (Squawk) (Laughter) (Squawk with laughter) Oh no! I are not able to take it out! Take it! (His nephew) I can not! (His different nephew) Take it! Discontinue it! Ok stop it! 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