An envelope layer is intended for laying on the top mattress. Envelope sheets from Luna Denmark are formed to suit prime mattresses that are 5 – eight cm in peak. The sheets are product of cotton satin, because of this they are satin woven, of pleasant cotton threads, which makes the sheets softer and extra supple. Sheets fabricated from one hundred% cotton will normally cut down a bit of, but that is taken into consideration in that the sheets are made reasonably outsized, so they fit perfectly in size, after repetitive washing. An envelope layer is most without problems placed on the top mattress, by using placing the 3 corners of the highest mattresses into the sheet first. Subsequent, elevate the final corner of the mattress and put it in. And finally, you customize the layer within the pages. An envelope sheet works pleasant when it’s wholly tight, so if the sheet appears a bit too small, and the corners of the highest mattress elevate when the bed is applied after washing, Then it’ll without doubt adapt as soon as it’s put back into use..