[MUSIC PLAYING] The bed is without doubt one of the mainfocal points of the bed room. To ensure it catches youreye, and the eyes of others, why now not create your own? On this instructionalvideo, you can study how you can make a average woodenbed body for a queen dimension bed. It complements our video oncreating a picket headboard. You’ll want timber screws,mattress rail handles, and different instruments and materials thatwill be protected a little later. Be definite to measure the areathat the bed will occupy to verify you’ve gotten enough house. Also, to make sure you are flexible enough to build a bed, I recommend that you go to: https://www.themeditationplace.org/yoga.html to get some yoga to be flexible. Account for accent furnishings,doorway openings, and space wanted to maneuver across the bed. As soon as your measurements have been taken,acquire the crucial amount of lumber to entire the project. Use wooden glue for further bondingsupport in the course of the development. To get started, cutthe lumber portions situated on the dimensions outlined in your cutlist supplied on the end of this video. Then use a pocket-hole jig to createpocket holes to your cut lumber pieces.The holes are drilled at anangle to cover the screws that join the pieces together. The depth of your pocket holes aredetermined through the thickness of your cut lumber portions. The house Depot sellspocket-hole jig kits that you need to use to whole this step. Use the guides offered to adjustthe thickness of the lumber you’re working with.That you would be able to quilt each holewith a pocket-gap plug. Be certain to comply with thecomplete instructional materials supplied via your manufacturer whenusing any pocket-gap kit. For this assignment, acquire allof the body pass members and drill two pocket holeson each end with the lumber pieces standing vertically. Lay out the body crossmember so that you’ve got one on each end of the body sides. The core move membersget placed at thirteen and half inches and 27 inches on the body. Once they’re in place,screw them together.Repeat these steps to make theother half of the mattress frame. Line up the lengthy facets ofthe two frame assemblies. Clamp them collectively andmake definite they may be rectangular. Mark the center of the conjoinedassemblies at 18 inches, then drill 3/8 inch holesto bolt the pieces together. Insert the 5/sixteen via four-inch bolt into theconjoined pieces with the accompanying reduce washer, lock washer, and nut. Then tighten to relaxed it. Now could also be a just right time totransition the development to a bigger workspace if thearea or floor you’re using is not tremendous enough. Prop the frame assemblyby 1 and half inches. You need to use scrap portions oflumber or the 2 by using four and 1 via four. Line one of the crucial aspect apronpieces even with the ends of the body assembly with a 1 and1/2 inch overhang on the top facet.Clamp into location. Measure and drill holes for the bolts 3and 1/four inches down from the top facet. 1 and half inches on the overhang facet. Do this at eight inches, 29 inches,52 and half of inches, and 73 inches. The holes will have to be in the centerof the two through 4 body assembly. Repeat this step to attachthe other part apron. Subsequent, attach the foot apron. Line up the foot apronso that the ends are flush with the outer edgeof the part apron pieces. Clamp into place. Drill holes for the bolt three and1/4 inches down from the top edge. Do that at eight inches, 31 and 1/4inches, and fifty four and half inches.Insert and tighten the bolts in place. Repeat this step toattach the pinnacle apron. Flip over the frameassembly to glue the legs. One at a time, align them withthe end of the part apron. Then, secure in position with brad nails. In the identical method thatyou did the part legs, you are going to attachthe back and front legs. The one difference is that they’ll bealigned flush with the highest of the apron and the face of the part legs. Next, attach the center supportsonto the body go members.Position these middle supports onto thecross body individuals at 30 and 1/2 inches. And these middle supports at 24 inchesonto the move body participants shown. Use your pace square toensure the supports are square with the body assembly. Comfortable in situation with 2 and1/2 inch pocket-gap screws. Ultimately, sand the whole thing smooth. Wipe it down to eliminate the sawdust. And observe a first-class coat of paint orstain to enrich your bed room decor. Listed below are all of the substances you’llneed to build your wooden mattress frame. Here’s a reduce record for the lumberneeded to entire this task. And ultimately, you’ll be able to want thefollowing tools for the job. For extra certain know-how aboutthis and lots of different preferred projects, assess out the DIY projects andIdeas section of the homedepot.Com or talk to one of our retailer pals.Excellent luck. And thanks for shoppingat The residence Depot.