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BedVoyage Rayon from Bamboo Bed Sheets CC

Hi, Im Sharon Stuart from BedVoyage Introduce our rayon health sequences from the bamboo bunked. The same percentages are luxurious and casual. Bamboo fiber has natural benefits and can help you sleep better. They absorb and evaporate humidity three times faster than cotton, which realizes you drier Bamboo fiber be adapted to your body temperature Release heat through insignificant gaps and punctures, allowing you to sleep cooler. You will like your membranes to stay fresh longer Because bamboo can resist odor and bacteria Its bark is very soft and comfy The fibers are so delicate and round like hair, This constitutes them hypoallergenic and nonirritating to sensitive scalp. We dont use linen or linen Flame retardant chemicals, such as cotton and micro fiber manufacture So you might recognize a little wrinkle in the bamboo However, you can easily know that you are sleeping on the expanses and enjoy the benefits of healthy sleep If you want to know, rayon is the process of converting trees or raw materials into fibers Our bed sheets are made of 100% organically fostered bamboo. Our fivestar luxury details Composed of flat dishes that are one foot longer than traditional expanses Therefore, your top membrane will remain at the hoof of the bed The positioned bed sheet is 18 inches deep and fits most pillow mattresses And there is always a tight elasticity, so the angles will never are falling The pillowcase is a bit spacious, so its easier to insert the pillow Use BedVoyage linens to compile your sleep better.

Small, Multi-Purpose Living Room Ideas – IKEA Home Tour (Episode 314)

My mention is Dax, and this is my wife, Margaux. I’m Margaux.( chuckles) We have one full day puppy, thenwe take care of dogs as well. We live in a small 500 square foot residence. Yep, our own little tiny house in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We’re really big into sustainability. It’s really awesome to have a space where I know I’m not employing a assortment of energy and it helps us focus on do more things than we like. Getting to go outdoor an adventure, and when we’re home, we’re cozy. With him having cultivation grade, and me having a sustainability degree, maybe we could start something where we’re doing vicinity plans, or backyard planneds. Being able to focus on that stuff instead of coming in here and thinking, It’s so disorganized, we have so much to do. I think in the overall video it’s gonna help us reach our goals.I would love to see concoctions that are made with sustainable substances. From the everyday aspects of what it’s made out of, to the amount of carbon that was used in order to get it there, it’s nice to have things that you can say, I encourage other people to be sustainable, I attend school for sustainability. and I try and stroll that step as well.( jam sesh) I’m proud of my gap! When you walk in the apartment, it’s just like Ahh! ( chuckles) There’s party, and it feels clean, open and luminous! Our dog cubicle over here on the right makes us everything we need in order to keep the dog stuff organized and out of the rest of the house.Projector screens are really expensive! Having this setup is perfect because we can have a movie night. It is the bee’s knees, it’s the cactus prickles.( chuckles) I personally adoration the storage for linensunder the sofa bed. The SVALNS right here endless, endless storage. There’s little boards for material you don’t want parties looking at. Yeah, and it’s also an skill bit all in itself. The bamboo is so light! And it’s super durable and fastgrowing wood. To have that in your residence, you can kind of speak to it.We truly love that that’s part of our room! Living your everyday life, there are sustainable options to it and they’re not that hard to find. Just the interesting thing, it makes a big difference !.

Make a No-Sew Kids’ Tent in Under 1 Hour

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How to Make a Bathroom Sink Vanity Unit // Tiny Apartment Build – Ep.1

Hey hey, so … a new streak is born on the direct and I’m going to build a small apartment On this seat. Let’s get started! The rationale I haven’t posted countless videos recently is because 1 I was projecting, Drawing and thinking hard-boiled about this new space for the last few months and 2 You have made a musical instrument and this takes a lot of time and effort. The good report is that the harp bass is almost gone and the bad news is I have more From 1 TB of 4K footage for editing. But don’t give in to me! I promise I am doing my best to bring you huge content, enormous learning and entertainment. So let’s talk about this shower egotism. The cloth I applied here is waterproof MDF which is usually lettuce in complexion It can be easily distinguished from ordinary dark-brown information. Whenever you are working on piercing for sodden orbits, be sure to use waterproof materials. Most of the patches have effectively chipped to size or close to size because I told workers At dwelling cut it off me so I could fit and craft panels inside the car My position is faster. I affiliated the majority of members of the sides with a brand-new dominoes carpenter who is mainly minimizing loss On both sides to receive a waft tongue to create a very strong joint. Since I will be building fortunes and lots of furniture in the next week, I decided so Buy this tool to clear everything a little faster to build. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. But anyway, all of this could still be accomplished with screws or nails like I be applicable to do In past programmes. I plastered the exterior of the members of the council and as I built this on the go, some of it Mistakes came along the way and I had to change my mind about some parts of the process. I dissolved up tightening the back perches instead of using hovering sorceries and patchwork Pit with some wood paste. Then I has recognized that I hadn’t figured out the top of the backlog and had to add a little bar to Make it a little wider and thankfully , none of these matters in the end because it wasn’t evident. I sanded the tape blush and started working on the layer process. I squandered some oak layer leaves and tried a working method to get fresh, straight edges A router and trimmer trimming maneuver. It’s very difficult to get straight-from-the-shoulder rims with an xacto knife because the blade always follows The timber cereal is almost impossible to get a perfect line to match the books and adhesion I’m not sure I can find a better contact glue in Portugal to get the job done, however I must say this high viscosity glue was a pain to use. After sticking the two portions together, it is necessary to press them as hard as you can With a solid mass. I ground off some glue discolorations and continued working on the rest of the cabinet. Now I was trimming mdf size into drawers and stacking them with dominoes Carpenter again. I came to the conclusion that the bottoms were a bit thin, so I made the decision to double the dimensions of the the bottoms thickness. I pressed them together by order the same vanity and some other values up front. After cutting it to size, I jumped on the cement and did my very best to align and secure Everything is good. I removed all the dust and covered everything grey on the internal faces. I likewise devoted several coatings of raincoat varnish on the top and sole posteriors. I wanted to create the effects so that the breast face wouldn’t stick out Of vanity. So the idea here is to make a adjourned rectangle and then attach a divest of lumber that consists of Angle it towards the inside of the recess so you can actually grab it with fingers. I needed to mount the tray slats before chipping the final high levels of the drawer figureheads. So I did it with mitts because I certainly hate it when the move drawers are full fat. Then the bottoms were bolt and began to apply plasticky slide duties. I had to cut off the ends of the screws so they wouldn’t peek at the tray but that’s fine It was my first suffer with the Concealed Circular Slides and I hope I have some teaches For the next time. Let me know if there is any good info regarding this type of chipset due I didn’t find much. Now, I’ve been creating a groove in various transfers with my chainsaw to fit the bottom. Now I is to be able to attach the front bits and glean the internal face of the foreheads. I am carefully wielding this downspout on the top tray but I’ll let you know Immediately I has redo this part because the spacing was so big. To deem the top of the veneer in place, I decided to use pocket flaws to avoid any discernible fixings. Now I can fasten the plucks and start to fit the frivolity into region. So this is a quite old bathroom with super skewed tiles on the walls offsetting it Everything is trickier and I haven’t calculated the plumbing calculations are you all right. But anyway, I’ve mounted the structure to the wall and can hold the top in place Pocket excavation shafts. Of direction I is required to last-minute refer a thin decoration around the vanity to hide the divergence Wall shape. As I excused before, the drain tube draining were not enough for the tilt of the tube to the wall Existing flaw so I had to rework this section.Existing hole so I had to rework this section. You still have to work on the plumbing, connect the faucet and try to align the stair slithers Aaaaand much better little to do about the rest of the infinite! I’m too excited about upcoming projections and I’m sure you will be. Thank you so much better for watching this first bout of the Tiny Apartment Series, and I shall be See you soon with a bunch of new furniture programmes! Oh yeah, but first, construct the harp! That would be long, but really fun. Big shout out to all the Patreon allies who have been waiting patiently for all this New content that kept sticking and reinforcing my job. I will catch you guys later!.

Exclusive Interview With Li Ziqi, China’s Most Mysterious Internet Celebrity

you may seem that citizen goes away Jessica Pearson’s elder Patterson choreographer on the Yahoo you know what’s wrong mom Louisiana hole that can canola City metro equipment under may grip the ape Hudson’s nice it’s all you her life looks like one straight out of the fairy tale lead to tea impress us millions with her videos where she makes seemingly everything from scratch with her own two hands from dying a dress with fresh grape liquid to fashioning traditional lipstick from climbs in her garden-variety to foraging on horseback in order to prepare one exquisite meal after another she has some 15 million love in China and another 8 million overseas but she remains a mystery to many of them in her videos she doesn’t speak as she rarely endows into these but now she’s ready to open up to us[ Music] to find Li we had to travel to roll such one responsibility in southwestern China where she grew up so we’ve driven for almost two hours now with left the city and were driving deeper and deeper into the countryside[ Music] we grew up with her grandparents here she says she came to live with them after her stepmother mauled her but they were poor so when she turned 14 Lee went to work in the city in 2012 she decided to return to the countryside to take care of her grandmother four years later she started filming their own lives there[ Music][ Music] no values and a canteen galoshes it’s home coming attending the foods she organizes straddle from a single condiment to elaborate multicourse banquets but whatever she makes she leaves no stone unturned starting as far as raising baby ducklings only to make a sauce out of salted duck eggs some joke that she’s produced a whole new meaning to the phrase from scratch some of her other recipes are wholly original in one video she employs Magnolia grows to conclude pasties and even deep fries the flour themselves apart from food she’s also known for her videos substantiating traditional crafts like structure this bamboo furniture prepares which she says was inspired by one of her grandfather’s aged terraces who were you with her no adult change to be children remaining imagine Neosho have enjoyed Sri Yantra Danza sansa fellow was it a solution what genuine attachment to the stanza walkways answer genuine we do Japan Hiroshima please stylized depictions of rural life stand outs in China’s ultracompetitive field of online videos the market has become profitable estimated to be worth 6.5 billion US dollars loan dreamy and sublime click has struck a chord with young person hustling in China’s big cities within foot tickets expansion jangle Seneca generosity Quahog fool and a teller with a spectacular photo an activity mojo go to India now cutter the team tutors at a dirty girl Buddhism there are custom married under so sure what’s in our Scientologist shipping phone go to him for Doha John seems a little young I got an idea but Lee is not without polemic some spectators have been skeptical of her assertion that she started as a one maidens party two years ago we announced a behindthescenes video to refute those argues such a amiable way attention to her bowel aggressivenes the US was having a Wang Chung joke a bad season total Duncan Cameron Judah and if I need so much info comes guild new office experience a large first assembled harsh on them say celebration I did notice here it is therefore off for me Joel and Ojukwu England Lee says she now works with one videographer and one deputy but she stole the one calling the fires to education that was him that was so you’re the shipping passionate kindnes her Jamaica ginger the supporters in her even though she was such a large without a entire speech about dwelling transistor proving Shahada automatons hatchet our your affection soldier called Cynthia George Young Havana Hassan 100 talk in generalities neuroma they don’t see the audition is Amitabha Shanta jaw vanishes away the community contention that the GOP the etron Cantina we weren’t able to verify these argues because we were not allowed to observe Glee filming but today three years after she firstly picked up the camera Lee is one of China’s most successful online video producers changgeun Janet Letitia I mentioned which is your passion water shone beautiful which is your hash will apportion Xiang Liang Shan foolish is that waiting or “wouldve been” the shoot hmm you’re lookin no discouraging handgun Georgia Sun Chien such it known it is actually “re saying you” dislike is shitty if you want to see more videos like these we actually matched up with a pair and on Kwai who elevators the lifestyle of masters he they make their own tea they forage it in the wild so click here to check it out and subscribe to go threat more[ Music] you[ Music]

6 Crops to Plant in August for Late Summer Harvest 🌿🍅🥒

hi everyone will I always want to havefresh vegetables to pick from my plot and today I’m gonna seed six new cropshere in August so that when my time vegetables are finishing up and startingto die out I’ll have some fresh new veggies ready to pick now I know whatyou’re thinking if you’re like me your garden-variety bottoms are full well not a problembecause today we’re gonna actually create some new opening by growingvertically on a really simple inexpensive trellis and in containersand we’re also going to tuck these floras into little punctures in the gardenbeds now the pastures I’m embed today are easy to grow and become from grain toharvest in about six to eight weeks that’s why I’m implant these particularvegetables because there’s still time to get a harvest before the cold weatherhits now most of these can be embed instantly in your plot bottoms which makesit really easy if you want to you can start from seeds indoors under growlights but I precisely started these grains in a tray here right outside on my deck theweather is nice and warm and they ripened really fast now I really plantedthese on July 11 th about three weeks ago ago and you can see how big-hearted they alreadyare and they’re ready to be planted now the first harvest we’re going to planttoday is cucumbers now if you’ve grown cucumbers before you know they’re avining seed and they can take up a lot of room so we’re gonna develop themvertically up a trellis now I am really excited about this trellis it’s gonnamake a nice little arch over the garden bunked and I got the idea from Gary at therest of the plot when he saw his house in Maryland about a month ago thisis called ladder mesh I picked it up at Home Depot it’s about 350 apiece so it’sreally inexpensive I have two patches here that we’re going to zip tietogether and make a little arch over the plot bunked so first off what I’m gonnado is attach my two pieces of ladder mesh with some zip ties I’m just gonnaline it up and to end so I overlap the ladder mesh just a little bit I’m goingto attach them as zip ties they’re nice and secure and I’m likewise attaching the ends of eachpiece of ladder mesh to the other piece that nature we don’t have any sharp-worded edgessticking out now that I have my two fragments of ladder mesh attached I’m justgonna arch it over at these two garden couches here now the great thing is becausewe’re ripening vertically our cucumbers are not going to take up a lot of spaceand neither is this trellis so look for a plot bed or two garden berths that youhave a couple depressions in popping the trellis in and you’ll be good to go with yourcucumbers so it’s super easy to install just gonna push it down into the soilsoil is nice and loose now and then arch it over but I’m really excitedabout this I think it’s gonna really add some quality and dimension to the hillhere it’s gonna look really pretty you’re putting it right down into thesoil here now what I’m gonna do is just pound in a bamboo pole into my trellishere to exactly establish it a little of additional reinforce now I’ve had these piecesof bamboo around my ground for a lot of years you can use anything you havearound your ground just something that’s nice and sturdy that will provide alittle bit of additional support for your trellis okay now let’s go to the otherside now various types of cucumbers I’m planting today are the space mastercucumbers and the reason why I really like to flower these right now in thelate summer is because they’re are more compact quicker flourishing hodgepodge andthese are in my late time garden-variety grain collecting which I’ve packed togetherto make it really easy for you there’s seven potpourruss in now of speedy growingvegetables and they’re on sale right now at my website 15% off with the codeAugust so pick them up and you can get your garden embed so we’re just gonnapop these out here and I am gonna compute some her mysterio insect sheds to thesoil you do want to make sure you’re enhancing your grime because if you’vebeen growing in it all summer it obviously needs some more nutrients soyou can see here I have three little seedlings in my little seedcell now but don’t worry about it you can grow cucumbers really closelytogether but I’m just gonna kept them in here embed them right at the cornerstone of mytrellis and they’re gonna grow freedom up over the trellis and be absolutelybeautiful now I’m really enjoying the appear of this trellis so far I entail thisliterally took me about five minutes to install and it only expense me about$ 7 soit’s really quick and inexpensive so besides seeding a couple oftransplants there you can also plant cucumbers from seed which I’m gonna dohere on the other side so that when this batch over here is dying out I’ll havesome plants at different stages of reap so they’ll be ready for thepicking then so I’m gonna pour a few seeds into my hands here maybe aboutthree seeds and merely protrude them right into the soil and cucumbers are sofastgrowing as long as it’s still warm weather where you live they’re gonnasprout within a week or so and start stretching there’s nothing more deliciousin this summer than a fresh cucumber now because I demand these bushes to go reallyfast I wishes to be feed them with a good water liquid soluble fertilizer right offthe bat so I get going really fast so I framed got a couple of spouts of the good dirtplant food now I’ve tried this in my garden for several years it is reallygonna get these flowers off to a great start it has a 10 in nitrogen so it’llgive them some nice good leafy growing and then I’m likewise including some of thevermis Terra worm tea to my watering can here and that really computes all the goodbeneficial bacteria keep your weeds neat and healthyso I irrigate my cucumber displace with it here and it is gonna be amazing towatch these flowers change you guys can do this too get out there and get some ofthese seeded it’s so as easy as it looks and you’ll love having the glean last-minute in thesummer now the next vegetable that we’re gonnaplant is nuts now beans are one of those vegetables that you can plant andgrow all summer long because they grow so fast so if you don’t have any spacein your garden plots certainly plant some in a receptacle these were plantedabout 10 days ago believe it or not inspect how quickly they’re already growingand you can pick one of these containers on my website but I too require you tolook for some depressions in your garden bed so right here I have a little spacethat’s empty that’s a excellent distinguish to stow some bean grains so again I’m justgoing to add some of the snake castings to the soil to amend the grunge I’m gonnaplant right here along this dripping irrigation hose and you will be amazedat how quickly these beans germinate it’s so much fun to see them pop through thesoil within simply such matters of a week or so and these are the Blue Lake Bushbeans from the late summer garden grain collection a really tasty common bean sowe’re just gonna seed the seeds maybe an inch or so apart cover them with soiland we’re good to go now the third quick thriving vegetablethat I’m gonna flora is squash now you can plant any variety of squash that youlike I’m gonna plant some of the crookneck squash from the late summergarden grain collection and I’m just gonna get it out of the container hereby tightening it up and you can see here I’ve got three or four differenttransplants stretching and I’m actually only gonna plant one in this particularspot and I’ll look for another little loophole in my garden to flora some more andsquash is another vegetable that you can also plant grains instantly in your gardenit germinates so fast and I’m telling you guys this is gonna be ready to harvestprobably in another month or so and whoever stops by he’ll be sharing yoursquash with I’m going to gently separate the seedlings there we go get it in hereI previously added insect moldings to the soil let’s sound it right down here inthis hole and squash likes full Sun so the recognize gets a lot of delightful full Sunduring the day squash does like a good little bit of seat so this squash willspill over this garden-variety berthed and look very pretty but if you want to savespace when you thrive squash I’ll appearance you right here I have a zucchini plantthat’s actually growing in a tomato enclosure so you can see here I’ve been weavingthese leaves in throughout this tomato cage to help save space the seed growsup and doesn’t sprawl over the garden bunked now the fifth vegetable it’sactually an herb that I’m going to plant today is basil basil is such an easyherb to grow so if you don’t grow any other warm weather herb grow basilso here I have some little seedlings again started about three weeks ago I’mgonna pop some here in this container and we’re also gonna pop them in alittle hole that I have over here in the garden berthed you can also plant seedsdirectly in your container or in your garden bunked and it doesn’t really matterif you plant basil and globs like this it does just fine it’s very quick andsimple to pop into a receptacle and it ripens extremely very fast you can see theleaves are already developing really nicely and these will be ready toharvest probably in about three to four weeks we’ll have a neat little containerof basil right outside the kitchen door so now I’m gonna tuck some basil in thislittle hole in my plot bed so just look for depressions in your garden you don’tneed a good deal of seat simply little recognizes where you don’t have anything developing soI’m gonna plant some in now next to this larger basil plant which will startto die off and then I’ll have some brand-new little seedlings to take its place sothe louse throws loosen the grunge just gonna pop in the seedlings you couldalso plant basil grains right here and that practice you’ll have them coming up verysoon to be ready to harvest in about six to eight weeks now the six vegetable I’mgonna bush today is chard chard is a super quick proliferating heatlovingvegetable so it’s perfect to weed now in the late summertime and again I’ve got alittle loophole here in my garden-variety berthed so I’m just gonna fold him in title back heresprinkle in some worm sheds and chard you can easily plant from grain as wellactually let me move the leaves back just a little bit so I can plantdirectly in the grime so you can start from seed or I’m going to weed theselittle transplants here I’m gonna seed the red-faced chard today these are littletransplants and you can see how the branches are absolutely showy so ifyou’ve never swell chard before you have to grow it it’s delicious dark-green not onlyis it hot accept it’s it’s really cold long-suffering too so this chart willlast you in the winter time as long as it’s launched before the frost hitsnow chard is a super super hardy plant and you can even once it gets large youcan cut it off at the root here it will regrow so what is definitely amusthave plant for your plot well these are looking just a little bitwilted with a little of irrigate and some sunshine they’ll perk right up nowa little bonus plan that I’m gonna pop in here that’s also in my late summergarden grain accumulation is the Thumbelina zinnia it’s because we don’t want toforget about the pollinators keep on planting those blooms to wreak thepollinators into your late summer and autumn garden-variety so these are small littlevariety of zinnias and again we’re just gonna stow them in this little hole herezinnias are so so beautiful they’re brilliant pigments the bees andthe pollinators cherish them and you are gonna be so happy to see these beautifulbright hues growing in your garden-variety and you can also plant zinnia seeds directlyin your plot couches only too well there you have it six quick changing pastures and aflower very for the pollinators that you can plant now so that you have harvestsin the late time and into the fall well grab yourself a late time gardenseed collection 15% off with the code August through Monday August 5thcomment below let me know if you wanna be planting any of these vegetables inyour plot look forward to hearing from you thanks so much better for watching we’llsee in the next video

Eli & Elm Wharf Collection Bamboo Sheets Review – A Dream in Sateen?

Katie Golde: Hey, guys, Katie from MattressClarity. Today, I’ve got the Eli& Elm Wharf stripedbamboo sheet set. If you’re familiar with bamboo, it’s got alot of really nice boasts, including being super soft. We’re going to go over everything. If you’re ready, we’re going to dive rightin, starting by putting these membranes on the berthed.[ music] Katie: If you want to check out other sheetreviews, just google Mattress Clarity plus best sheets. It’ll be the first thing that pas up.I miss you guys to tell me if you alreadyhave bamboo membranes. They’re becoming increasingly popular, soI’m always curious. Comment yes below if you already have a pairor a organize, or no if you don’t. Let’s talk about the Eli& Elm bamboo sheets. This is their bamboo collection. It’s a pillow corporation that has a bunch ofother options, including mattress defenders and pillows. We’re focusing on the membranes today. They’re Wharf striped expanse. Undoubtedly, you can tell it’s striped. Too comes in window payne as a color designand white as well. It’s 100 percentage viscose from bamboo and asateen weave.Sateen entwine gives it a little more ofthat reflect, a luxury look and feel to it overall, and a 300 thread count. Comes in all your traditional widths, twinto California King, including a twin XL. Bamboo is known for having some really interestingproperties. These expanses are supposed to be tempregulating, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic. Those of you who have dust mite issues ora little more sensitive might certainly enjoy these sheets. You get 45 periods to test them out. A full begin of Queen membranes will cost you $139 at full expenditure. Now, let’s talk a little bit about how tocare for these sheets. Let’s talk a little about how to carefor your Eli& Elm bamboo sheets. The cleaning instructions say to do a warmgentle cycle on the wash and a low-grade tumble dry. With bamboo expanses, I ever say avoid a highheat because it has a potential to damage that really delicate fiber in there. Just do low-grade tumble baked. If you hate wrinkles, just know that bamboosheets tend to wrinkle more naturally. What you have to do is take them out of thedryer when they’re heated, that really cozy feeling, pitch them straight on your bunked, and smooth out the wrinkles, if possible.Did that on this pillowcase. You can see that it’s not too bad, but thereare a little bit of puckers. You can also bring out that cast-iron and do alow iron. That’s what I did on this pillowcase. You can see it actually does get rid of mostof the wrinkles. Bamboo membranes can be for everyone, even thosewho hate wrinkles. Exactly prepares to do a bit ironing. Here’s what I really like about these bamboosheets. I think that they are so soft and beautifulin terms of feel. Very luxurious and lustrous, thanks to thatsateen weave. They’ll look great on any bunked, guest bunked, or your own, if you require them for yourself. Of route, I recall the benefits of bamboosheets are certainly interesting, being hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and temperatureregulating. I think they’ll work for hot or cold sleepers, although sateen tends to be a good are suitable for parties in more cooler climates because it’sgot a little bit of a thicker feel to it.I cherish that the wrinkles virtually came outwith ironing as well. If you dislike wrinkles, you can still get awaywith these sheets. I adore that you’ve got 45 days to try themout. I want to give you a few things to think aboutwith these membranes. First of all, they’re a little bit on thehighmaintenance side. Make sure you do a low-toned tumble baked, so thehigh temperature doesn’t disrupt or shattering any of the fibers. You’re likewise going to need to take an ironto them if you dislike puckers because even pulling them straight out of the dryer andonto your bunked, they’re going to wrinkle a little bit. They’re too $139 at full premium for a Queenset, which frankly doesn’t fit in everyone’s fund. Last but not the least, the government has that buttery, soft feel. If you’re looking for that crisp, cotton hotelsheet, you’re going to be better off with cotton sheets.Overall, I had a positive ordeal withmy Eli& Elm Wharf striped bamboo expanses. I thought that they were a really nice, classicset of bamboo sheets. They’ve got that really gorgeous, soft feelto them. They are now in some really nice colours, includinga striped alternative, if that’s what you’re looking for. I had no issues with breathability. Of direction, I will say it’s not in everyone’sbudget, again, at $139 for a Queen set, but you do have 45 periods to check it out. Let me know if you’ve got any questions. I’ve got more assess up online. Of direction, like or subscribe to our channelif you’re interested in more. Thanks so much better.[ stillnes ].

The sustainable wardrobe: wood-based fabric selection.

Hi everyone! So nice to see you here, again on my canal. Here is the second episode of the Sustainable Wardrobe series. Today we will talk about woodbased semisynthetic fibers and discuss their sustainability. Semisynthetic fibers are made from a natural generator, more specifically from grove, but expect processing with compounds to change that natural generator into a fibre that can be used for clothing. These include Viscose Rayon, Modal and Lyocell. Viscose rayon is similar to cotton or other semisynthetic fabrics. Rayon is more moisture absorbent than cotton, soft, comfortable to wear, is wrinkle resistant, and it doesnt got a problem with static. It doesnt insulate body heat determining it suitable for use in hot and humid environments. Viscose rayon is not as strong as natural cotton or linen and has a tendency to shrink when washed. Its biodegradable and is likely to be recycled.Conventional Viscose Rayon is most often made from Bamboo that it was necessary managed with harmful chemicals in order to better to obtain and purify the cellulose. The purified cellulose is treated to shape regenerated cellulose filaments. Eventually, these wires are revolved into fibres and turned into the Viscose Rayon fabric. The compounds that are used in this process are toxic to both humans and the environment. Although, bamboo is likely to be grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, it is not always the case. Another problem is deforestation. The fabric for the rayon drapes uttered in China most likely comes from Indonesia, where oldgrowth rainforests are being destroyed to embed bamboo specifically for textile inventing. Modal is also cellulosic fiber and a variation of rayon. It glances a good deal like cotton, but it has a soft and silky feel. Modal is a strong and wear resistant fabric that also doesnt reduce as easily as viscose rayon or cotton. Modal is manufactured from cellulose exerting nearly the same chemicalprocessing like rayon. Although the manufacturing process is a closed loop, which meaning that the compounds used in the processing are captured and reused. Modal fabric is biodegradable and is likely to be recycled.Originally, Modal has been known to be harvested from sustainably administered Beech tree orchards. However, the modal supply series is known to utilise wood stock that is grown in areas of the rainforest, as well as using ancient woodstock. Just listen to this: each year, more than 70 million trees are cut down to form our garment. That digit has plans to doubled by 2025. The contribution of fashion to deforestation is so significant that the Rainforest Action Network operated a global campaign Out of Fashion pressure labels like Forever 21, Abercrombie& Fitch, and Victorias Secret away from their exploit of unsustainable modal( along with viscose rayon ). As you can see, Modal fabric is not entirely sustainable. The shortage of transparency in the render order makes it difficult to ensure that modal or any other type of woodbased fabric you are wearing is not implicated in deforestation. Lyocell, also known as Tencel, is a soft as silk, breathable, lightweight and comfortable fabric. Its likewise durable, strong and resistant to puckers. Lyocel can be sourced from bamboo, eucalyptus and other types of trees. Its produced through a special loop system, in which nontoxic chemicals are captivated and reused, rather than polluting the environment. Its likewise perfectly biodegradable and is likely to be recycled. Lyocel made out of eucalyptus trees is considered to be the most sustainable option. This is because eucalyptus originates soon without irrigation, doesnt need chemical pesticides and doesn’t change wildlife this is something that. I would say that Lyocell is by far the most sustainable fabric here as its production process doesn’t require toxic chemicals and its most often made out of eucalyptus trees that it is necessary little water and ground to grow. If youre looking for an alternative to cotton, Lyocell might be it.Viscose Rayon and Modal are less sustainable, as their creation require use of lethal compounds that are dangerous to humans and the environment. Besides, we cant ever guarantee that the timber root for these fabrics didnt come from destroying ancient or endangered forests. So, perhaps its better to avoid them wholly. Thats it. I hope you noted this videointeresting and useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, discuss the matter with me in specific comments below. Causes chat. Next time well talk aboutthe synthetic the different types of fabrics and discuss their sustainability. If you like this idea, satisfy press Like and dont forget to subscribe to my canal. Thank you for watching! See you next time !.

Mod-08 Lec-08 Viscose Rayon and Acetate rayon

We are discussing the module 8 of the organicchemical technology track, which is about the polymer, elastomere and synthetic fibreand in the previous 3 castigates we discussed about the nylons. We discussed about the nylon6, nylon 66, polyester and then the acrylic staple and how the development that has takingplace in these sectors and how it has played important role in rally the synthetic fibredemand of the growing population. Now today, I will be considered by about theviscose rayon that is acetate rayon and cuprammonium rayon, which is one of the very importantsector in case of synthetic fiber and because of its very good quality and the appearancelike the silk rayon that has been in use and for only thing that in now the differencebecause in case of the all the other synthetic fibre, which is we call it the true syntheticfibre or the manmade fibre that is the nylon or the polyester or the acrylic substance whichthe raw material major raw material is from the petrochemical fibre, here rayons are basedon the cellulose raw material, high quality of cellulose having alpha cellulose, loosesemi cellulose and the pentagon.So, these are the some of the basic difference, herewe are dependent upon the natural raw material. So, the coverage of the lecture that willbe on the introduction, properties of the viscose rayon, Indian capacity of the viscoserayon, application of the viscose rayon, then the process details of the viscose rayon manufacture.Then we will be discussing about the acetate rayon and the cuprammonium rayon. Althoughthe amount of the total capacity if you discover the product prudent it is more in case ofthe, something much, in case of the viscose rayon than the acetate and cuprammonium rayon, but, some of the other raw material certainly that will be from the petrochemical.This is you can see the viscose fibre howit looks like and it is just like woollen material or the acrylic material you can sayand the brightness you can see the brightness of the fabric likewise and because of the moreand more convenience “weve gotta” in case of the viscose now the use of the viscose inthe textile that is increasing day by day. This is also is the acetate fibre which was, “hes also” the silk like form we are having. So, the rayon is made from cellulose derivedfrom natural happen material, peculiarly the timber we are using now, wood pulp we areusing in case of the rayon making.Some of the common rayons are the viscose rayonacetate rayon and the cuprammonium rayon. Amongst the various rayon, viscose rayon isthe most commonly commercially construct rayon and find wide employment in textile, tire cord manufacture, because as I “ve told you” earlier too that the tire rope that has beenone of the major consumer of the synthetic staple but, with the coming of the other fibrethe petrochemical based synthetic fabric now, more and more polyester or it was possible to the polypropylene fibre or it may be the nylon that is going in tire cord industry. But, the importancedefinitely because the viscose that was available earlier than the coming of the your thesenylons or it was possible to the acrylic fiber. So, the importance of ensuring that the viscose rayon is bothin the oven and non oven. Many type of the viscose rayon and thatwe are having the regular rayon, high perversity rayon, high rain modulus rayon, kindled retardantrayon, super adsorbent rayon.Viscose rayon has a silk aesthetic with superbdrape and the feel and retains its rich gorgeous emblazon, which I evidenced you in the sketch, the picture of the viscose fiber brilliant colouring. It has high-pitched moisture absorbency similarto cotton and this is the reason why we are consuming more and more viscose compositionblend along with the it was possible to the acrylic fabric or it may be the polyester, becausethe cost of the viscose is less than the cotton, breathable, comfortable to wear and easilydried, because in the earlier stages of the coming of the manmade fibre dying was alsoa problem for synthetic fibre, extremely the polyester and the nylon and the plenty ofthe improvement that took place in case of the dye construct also and so the dyingthat was the more easier in case of the synthetic substance with the coming of the brand-new produce ofthe pigments. So, the in case of the viscose rayon, it iscomfortable soft skin and has moderate, because that was the softness that was your problemin case of the polyester when it came into the market because, most of the textile 100 percent polyester suitings 100 percent polyester shirts were there and so, that wasnot comfortable.So, one of the advantage in case of the viscose and now we will seein market the very soft textile fabrics are there which is because of the viscoserayon, the soft scalp and has moderate dry forte and low-grade abrasion fighting and nostatic build up, as in case of the other polyester and the nylon is there, moderate resistanceto acid and alkali, excess flammable, but, this is the one of the disadvantage.Thermal dimension is poor and loses strong about 9 stage chars and decomposes at sothe melting point, this was the reason why the from the viscose to nylons or the polyesterin the tire line industry that was because, what we need in case of the tire rope industryhigher melting point and that was the reason because in case of the nylon and polyesteror the acrylic that is we are having plus 230 freezing point or the sticking point.So, that is the one of the drawback in case of the viscose rayon that is the low-spirited meltingpoint. Tenacity straddles between 2 level 0 to 2 point6 gram per cave now and dry and 1 extent 0 to 1 stage 5 lair here when wet. It has poorcrease improvement, because this is the 1 of their own problems even in case of the cotton but, still further the wrinkle is concerned ironing property is there it is better in case of the polyesteror in case of the nylon but, in case of the viscose and the cotton this the crease problemis there in case when you are using in case of the textile.So, it has poor crease improvement and seam retention in comparison to the polyester becauseof the low-grade freezing point lower work in the tire rope that is there.But, earlierwhen it was not available the people were applying the viscose rayon also but, the yousee the now the velocity of the vehicles that is increasing and so, the temperature riseis there and so, the work requires the more higher temperatures high-pitched melting point material for the tire cordindustry and so, that was the shifting from the viscose rayon to your polyester or thenylons. These are the various points of the viscoserayon types of the rayon: regular high-pitched moisture modulus, high perversity, micro materials, Tencelrayon the lyocell these are the some of the brand name likewise that is these. These are the some of the major producersof the rayon. 1 is the century rayon that is because; most of these companies are bythe Birla group because they are pioneer in too the working paper acquiring. So, century rayon theyare having the 1 unit is at Kalyan, another the mushy they are making at the century pulpand paper and that lends Kashipur that they are having 1 flower. Grasim industry they areheavier polyfibre, these are the other which are representing the rayon do paste. Kesoram rayonthey are fixing rayon, Indian rayon, national rayon, Baroda rayon and so this is the domesticdemand of the viscose So, the an applicant for the viscose rayon; yarn, then embroidery, chenille, cord , novelty yarn.The fabric; crepe, garadines, suiting, fasten, outwear fibers and rowing of the coats and outwear. So, these are the in case ofthe fabric we are using even the liner character is there were more your softness that is required.So, ordering one of the purposes of the hairs we are having the viscose fabric. Apparel are full-dress, blouses, saris, coats, lingerie, liners, hats millinery, slacks, sports shirts, sportswear, dres tiesand the drudgery cloth. So, these are the some of the clothe thatwe are obligating from the domestic textiles berthed spreads, bed sheets, coverings, shrouds, draperies, slip reports, table invests and the hosiery. In Industrial textiles, high-pitched perseverance rayonis used as reinforcement to mechanical rubber goods, tires, conveyor so, here actually therequirement that is the high-pitched diligence rayon, so the tires, conveyor, belts, hoses, applicationwithin the aerospace agriculture textiles industry and then the braided ropes and thetapes.Miscellaneous uses; that may be the in the sausage casing, cellophane and thenthe feminine hygiene. What are the raw materials you envision? Here yousee the major raw material which we are using for the meeting of, whether it is viscose rayonor the acetate rayon that is the cellulose. Then the caustic soda, carbon disulphide, sulphuric acid, titanium oxide to delustre the wool and then the sodium sulphide, sodiumsulphite, sodium hypochlorite these are the some of the other actually the raw materials. 1 of the another important raw material that we are using the carbon disulphide in caseof the viscose rayon, acid and acetate anhyde in case of the other rayons that we are using.This is the requirement especially in case of per ton of the rayon fibre of the variousraw material pulp, NaOH, H2SO4, carbon disulphide, zinc sulphate, because now the spinning sothat is the spinning bar that we are doing by the way it is.This is called the regenerationwet revolving that is being done in case of the viscose rayon and other rayons. These are the various steps involved in caseof the viscose rayon that is, the first step that is the production of the dissolving, because the pulp which we are using, because we are using the paste for attaining the paperand the story periodical, here the paste which we are using for the obliging of the rayon thatwe call the dissolving grade pulp for high alpha cellulose because what is happeningeven where 1 of the process which we are using in case of your treating with the causticsoda, so, alpha cellulose, high alpha cellulose material that is required and so that is thebeta and gamma cellulose which present that we are removing.So, the divest pressing, shredding aging, xanthation ripening, filtering degassing, extruding through spinneret and acid soak paint, soaking and cutting.So these arethe steps. And easy gradations we will be discussing in detailbecause there is importance of the each and every step in the manufacture of the viscoserayon because that will affect the quality of the viscose that we are preparing. First thingthat is the pulp, which we are getting, what will be the source of the cellulose. Celluloseused for the manufacture of the viscose rayon. So, rayon tier paste we call it that we areusing. So, rayon score paste or melting mushy is the source of the cellulose. Dissolvinggrade pulp is made from the timber, predominantly it is the wood pulp that is preferred and especiallythe softwood but, some eucalyptus because eucalyptus having the very good quality ofthe mushy so that has been also worked. So, terminating point mushy is made from the wood.The pulp should have high-pitched cellulose low-toned hemicellulose with the uniform molecular weight distribution.Special bleaching cycle, because you examine the pile of the detoriation in the qualityand the strength of the pulp is there during the bleaching when we are using the conventionalbleaching of the chlorine or chlorine dioxide or the hypo chloride bleaching.Here, we needthis some of the other revised bleaching strings for the realise of the rayon gradepulp and 1 of them is the enzymatic bleaching. Too, the oxygen chlorine dioxide or the oxygendelignification that may be there or it may be polysulphide pulping. So, different typeof the pulping manages also there but, bleaching we will have take care so, that the minimumdamage is there and at the same time the selective removal of the pentagon is also there whenyou are using the enzymes. So, this is the basic requirement in caseof the your rayon point mushy and you appreciate the different, it is not the same process whichyou are meeting from the broad process is same which well spawning the pulp for the papermaking but, now the special aspect of the rayon grade mushy that will be required formaking with the high alpha cellulose hemicelluloses pentagon all those that should be minimal.So, the first step in case of the manufactureof the viscose rayon is the steeping process. This involve the pulp sheets are placed insteeping chamber and responded with 18 to 20 percent NaOH at 20 to 22 degree centigradefor about 1 to 4 hour, because you discover the goals and objectives why if you receive the definition of thealpha cellulose beta and gamma cellulose, so, the alpha beta and gamma cellulose whenwe are treating with the 17 pitch 5 percent of the NaOH, so, alpha cellulose that remainsas such and the beta and gamma cellulose they dissolve. So, that is the reason of the keepingthe 18 to 20 percentage NaOH.Then what is the purpose? This is 1 purposeto break the intermolecular ligaments of the cellulose to increase the solubility of the cellulosexanthate because eventually, we are treating with the carbon disulphide for xanthation.So, to convert the cellulose into alkali cellulose because, this alkali cellulose that furtherwe are using. The grow cellulose substance, because the swelling of the material and so, the betteractually your reaction of the carbon disulphide that will be there, to dissolve the low-spirited molecularweight hemi cellulose. Then, the next step in case of the viscoserayon create is the pressing constituent. This is done to remove the excess liquid whichis there and so, finally, after the pressing the your cellulose that will go to the shadingand the grey smidgen that we will be getting, the alkali cellulose obtained since pressingare lead to shredder at about 20 degree centigrade for 90 to 120 minutes.This involves shreddingof the pressing sheet, which we are getting from the previous pace, to produce white crumb, which is fluffy which give breath to penetrate effectively inside.So, because if you are taking as such the pulp if it is not fluffy then the reactionof, xanthation reaction which we are using in ozone-depleting substances places that will be not effective.So, this was shredding and the stirring of the lily-white shred that is also very important stepin case of the viscose rayon manufacture. Then it comes the aging. After shredding thewhite crumb are aged to bring down degree of the polymerization. This involves agingof the shred through exposure of the lily-white smidgen to oxygen. It assists in maintaining theproper viscosity. This is the next step after your shredding. This is the main reactionwhich is taking place in case of the viscose rayon and that is one of the very importantreactions that is xanthation where the we are reacting with the carbon disulphide afteraging. The soda cellulose slivers are fed into airtight rotating churns, these are also churning process. The process involves treatment ofthe lily-white shred with carbon disulphide under controlled condition at 20 to 30 degree centigradeto form a cellulose xanthate.This is called the amber sliver, which we are getting andthis is going for the further processing to get the viscose rayon. The yellow smidgen isdissolved in caustic soda to way viscose. Then the next step in case of the viscoserayon is the ripening, filtering and deaeration. The process involves ripening of the viscoseby impeding it for 4 to five days, because now the low temperature is there and so, thatis also 1 of the important requirement in case of the viscose produce, by keepingthis various forms of the fibers being spawned. Ripeness measured by the Hotteen number, thatis 1 of the number of the ripeness is there. After ripening the ripen viscose is filteredand degassing, degassing is a further step there to remove the air bubbles which is there.Now the let us discuss the above spinning of theviscose, because as I “ve told you” earlier here what are doing? We are doing this bed spinningand this is also called the regenerated cell. So, rotating of the viscose is done by wetspinning by passing through spinnerette in acid in battery-acid shower ensuing in formation ofrayon fibre. This is your bath composition. Sulphuric acid, sodium sulphate, glucose, zinc sulphate and liquid. This is the composition of your bathin case of the spinning soap which we announced it the sodium sulphate precipitates sodiumcellulose xanthate into filament form. This is why sodium sulphate that has been addedand acid proselytizes it into cellulose. Zinc sulphate presents added forte. Further processinginvolves, after this rayon is modelled or the wool is formed so, what is the next step? Further process involved cleansing, desulphurising, bleaching, situation and drying.Drawing And cutting; Drawing is the processof stretching the rayon wire which is straighten out the fibres, because this is1 of the very drawing in all the cases of the substance reaping is very important in togive fortitude to the yarn. The continual recital is cut into for producing staple fibres. What are the various variables involved incase of the viscose rayon? The spinning process, temperature and composition of the bathroom, speedof the coagulation, length of the immersion, fast of the spinning, extend contributed tothe fiber, because the that is as I told you the stretch contributed to the filament thatis also very important. So these are the some of the parameters which are affecting yourspinning process. This is the reaction that is taking placeand the cellulose with NaOH. Then it is the sodium cellulose that you are getting andafter reacting with the carbon disulphide, cellulose xanthate and this cellulose xanthateagain we are getting the renovated cellulose and in the form of the yarn. So, this is the process which I discussedabout the manufacture of the viscose rayon.This cellulose expanses in the form of the sheetswe are getting the paste and that expanse or the pulp membrane or cellulose sheet, whateveryou say it, this is going to the steeping and press section.Then the shredder alkali cellulose aging tank, xanthation reaction where the for regulatingthe dissolving barrel filtration, ripening, deaeration, that is removal of the breeze bubbleand then the viscose inventing. These were the actually the steps which you discussedin detail earlier and so, this is the process flow diagram and then the viscose spinningthat will go to spinning bath where the viscose fibre that will be getting. This is aboutyour, it is going to the coagulating bath that is the makeup tank where H2SO4 and Na2SO4that we are adding. So, this is the washing, desulphurisation, the bleaching and the conditioningand drawing. These are the some of the other steps that are involved.Now tell us come to this. This was about theviscose rayon. You encounter, the viscose rayon, as I “ve told you”, that is 1 of the very importantpart of synthetic fibre which we are using in our everyday lives. Another type of the rayonwhich was produced earlier that was the acetate rayon and this is the really expression silklike form. It was like the synthetic silk we used to call it and we are callingthe acetate rayon. Acetate rayon is the other cellulose basedmanmade fibre and has silk like appearing. The raw material is cellulose, acetic acid, acetic anhydride. Again the acetic acid or acetic anhydride can be from the booze routeor it may be from the petrochemical route. Here, the purified cotton linters, where thecotton linters or cellulosic is a cellulose, cellulosic information both the cotton lintersthat is the fibre is more stronger than the cellulose, is fed to the acetylator containingacetic anhydride and acetic acid and converged sulphuric acetylation is carried out at 25 to 30 degree centigrade.This is the reaction combine called the aciddope is allowed for ripening for about 10 to 20 hours. During ripening that is the conversionof the acetate radicals makes home. After this, the potpourrus is diluted with water with continuousstirring. During the process flakes acetate rayon isprecipitated which is baked and sent to the spinning bath where dry spinning of the acetaterayon makes residence by dissolving in the solvent and passing through spinneretted.So, “thats really not” the degenerated as in case of the viscose rayon we are doing the wetspinning.Here, in case of the acetate rayon where we are having dry spinning also. Thesolvent is molten by hot air during this spinning process, where the because the itwill pass through the number of folds are there in spinnerette and the ceaseless rayonthat will be getting and the drying of the objective of eliminating the your solvent that will be there. Activation with the acetic acid; the processinvolves steeping of the purified cotton acetic acid which concludes swelling and impels the cellulosemore reactive. So, that was the purpose of the activation with the acetic battery-acid acetylation, already we discussed this part. The pretreated cotton and the acetic acidis then acetated with the excess acetic battery-acid, acetic anhydride, with sulphuric acid to promotethe reaction. So, 1 one of the purposes of the purified cellulose, 3 part of the acetic anhydride and 5 partof the acetic battery-acid, that is the combination. Sulphuric battery-acids as catalyst 0 top 1 constituent, reaction is exothermic, the temperature is around 20 degree centigrade for first hourand 25 to 30 degree centigrade for the next 7 to 8 hours. Then the hydrolysis of the triacetate; thetriacetate structure is hydrolysed to convert triacetate to diacetate. The resultant potpourrus is pouredin ocean to precipitate the cellulose acetate fibre with different degrees of polymerization 350 to 400. Assets of the acetate rayon; perseverance 1 pitch 4 gram per denser, melting point 230 degree centigrade and decompose when defrosted freely, soluble in acetone methyl, ethylketone, methyl acetate, ethyl acetone, chloroform and the ethylene chloride So, this is the spinning, once I told youthis rotating is disbanded in the acetone that we are using as a solvent and then thefilter deaerated and elapsed through the spinnerette in hot air environment, which vaporizes thesolvent.So, that is the spinning process dry spinning process that we are using. So, low cost and availability here actually as we are using huge amount of the acetic acidand Acetic anhydride, so, the some of the inexpensive production that will depend uponthe low cost and availability of the acetic battery-acid and acetic anhydride recovery of theacetic acid. That is very important in case of the polyester, also, recovery of the aceticacid that is very important. Now the recuperation of the acetone that we are using for the spinningthat is that has to be recovered effectively and economically.So, these are the some of the issues involved in case of the 1 of the major problem thathas been in case of the all the rayons, because we are using the forest raw material, meansthe timber for attaining of the paste. So, that is from the environment point of view andthe deforestation point of view. So, this is the process which I “ve told you” theacetic anhydride H2SO4, acetic acid and the mushy and the here acetylator. That is thecotton linter or the wood pulp that is going to the acetylation and then the it is goingaging, precipitation, centrifuging and cellulose acetate for spinning that is going when weare doing the cool spinning we are doing.This is the reaction that is taking placeduring the acetylation. Now, tell us come to another important class of the cellulosicbase rayon that is the cuprammonium rayon. Although the amount of acetate and cuprammoniumis much less than what you have in case of the viscose rayon but, these are the apartof this rayon some other rayons are also there which are made from the natural material, thatis just a galvinate staple, soyabeen staple so, all those things are also there. Let usdiscuss now the cuprammonium rayon. Cuprammonium is made from reaction of cellulosewith copper salt and ammonia. After bleaching cellulose is added to the ammonia solutionof copper sulphate ensuing in shaping of cuprammonium cellulose, which is spun intowater and the yarn is cleaned with acid to remove the vestiges of the ammonia and bone-dry. So, this is the method which we are usingfor the and if you read the here also the shredding and emptying, caustic digestion, sodium hypochloride for bleaching that we are adding and in case of this is the wood pulp the cottonlinter that is going.So, this is after the shredding because the more effective reactionsmay be there and so, the caustic absorption after the shredding that is been done. Mixingand resolution, filtration, revolving, bathing and baking, so, this is the process that weare using in case of the cuprammonium. So, this was the actually about the variousrayons and that we are manufacturing and as I told you in the beginning likewise the viscoserayon that has played very important role in meet the demand of the textile industry.And again now we are finding the trend in the market is to use the more viscose rayonand the various mergers of the polyester or the acro nitrate, because the cost point ofview and at the same time more comfort is there when you now have the viscose rayon.So, the one of the actually major issue that has been in case of your viscose rayon floras, all the viscose rayon flowers, because now which I forgot tell you, we are using hugeamount of the caustic soda and that caustic soda now most of the viscose rayon manufacturingthey are having their own caustic chlorine bush and earlier as you recognize, before comingof the tissue process, “theres only” the mercury cadre process that was being used in the makingof the caustic chlorine.So, in case of the all the bushes one of theanother issue that has been there, where to go? Where will be chlorine? So, chlorine handlingthat has been 1 of its most important because that has to be supplied somewhere because duringthe manufacture of the caustic. So, this was the 1 of the issue. Another issue in caseof the viscose rayon, the your environment point of view because you see in case of thecarbon disulphide that is highly toxic and the smell of the carbon disulphide that isthere in the embed. So, 1 of the major issue that has been in case of the viscose rayonis the chemical part of the chemical manufacturing section of the viscose rayon, because normallythey are having the in case of the any viscose rayon that will be 1 of the carbon disulphideunit, corrosive chlorine seed and then the lastly, the viscose rayon manufacturing.So, just like you make the case of that they are having the sheaths likewise the majority of members of nowthe caustic chlorine flora they have been converted to membrane corrosive chlorine plantbut, the question of the this chlorine that there.So, this is 1 of the factor which is affectingthe cost of the viscose too ..

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